UFI discusses engine air filtration technology

UFI discusses engine air filtration technology

Karl Ridings, UFI Filters’ UK & Ireland Sales Manager, provides an insight into the company’s engine air filtration technology, Multitube.

First launched in the Porsche GT2RS as OE, UFI Filters’ Multitube was recently included in the Hybrid Launch Edition version of the Fiat 500, a car that combines a naturally aspirated three cylinder Firefly GSE N3 engine with a 12 volt starter generator and a lithium battery.

To my mind, being included in an A-segment car that ranks amongst the most popular super-utility cars demonstrates the product’s amazing versatility and flexibility.

Kick-starting the revolution

One of Multitube’s primary advantages is its geometric flexibility. This gives it modularity and, together with its ad hoc design, allows it to adapt to the special needs of VMs. It optimises the limited space available in the engine compartment and offers a wide range of possible developments for hybrid applications.

UFI discusses engine air filtration technology

Due to its double tubular structure, which replaces the traditional air panel, the air filter has a cartridge that is up to 50% lighter. The two tubes on the Multitube are placed in an airbox designed and manufactured by UFI. The airbox is made of polypropylene, a light, deformation-resistant material. The filter box has also been streamlined, which makes the module 30% lighter, resulting in lower fuel consumption and lower CO₂ emissions.

Part of the revolution that we have tried to kick-start with Multitube is the result of improved fluid dynamics in the flow of air to the engine. This minimises resistance, as well as pressure and energy loss, with a consequent increase in supply of power to the engine.

UFI discusses engine air filtration technology

The special cartridge coupling system also attaches the cartridge firmly to the filter box, simplifying service operations and preventing the entry of dirty air into the engine, thereby guaranteeing an additional level of protection.

A step ahead 

With their vast experience and know-how in the development of new materials, our experts engineered a filter medium that consists of a rigid, non-woven filter media, with synthetic hydrophobic fibres. Structured according to a specific distribution gradient of diameter and porosity, the product keeps its full functionality constant throughout its entire life cycle. A traditional panel made of pleated cellulose that absorbs humidity would significantly reduce its filtering capacity due to the deformation of the materials, which would result in a negative impact on engine power.

What makes Multitube a cutting-edge product? I would say its improved flexibility, better fluid dynamics and lower weight, as well as its increased filtering performance. We believe that the air filter guarantees filtering efficiency over 99.5%.

The versatility of the UFI Multitube is demonstrated by its use on a hybrid vehicle such as the Fiat 500, as is its capability to adapt to the needs of environmentally friendly engines by reducing emissions. Its use in an A-segment car paves the way for wider use of the product on the market. This will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the aftermarket, which will benefit from the uniqueness of a patented product featuring exclusive quality and performance.

For more information on the UFI Multitube, click here.

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