Turbo-Powered Support

Turbo-Powered Support

BTN Turbo explains how its sales and distribution processes are designed to make selling its products as simple as possible for factors.

The market is flooded with low cost copy and reconditioned products; therefore, it is essential to make the sales process as easy as possible to enable the factor to sell effectively against competition.

Sales team

Once a factor receives a call from a workshop, there are two methods to establish pricing and availability. The first is to simply add a registration number into the BTN online PartnerZone platform, where the system will identify a match with the correct part number. You will then generally be given a choice of an OE New, or OE Reman turbo. The unit can be ordered online for next-day ‘timed’ delivery and will be supplied with a fit kit; with additional options for accessories.

The second option, due to the higher value and lower frequency of sale, is to make a call to the sales team, who will walk you through the process, providing additional technical and sales advice. The sales team are often told by customers that there are lower cost turbos elsewhere. This is a great opportunity for the team to clarify an important point. The low cost is likely due to a reconditioned product using copy or pattern parts. This should not be confused with a genuine OE new or factory remanufactured turbo, which will be exactly the same as supplied on the original vehicle.


Despite the online PartnerZone system, BTN continues to receive more than 500 calls per day. Orders can be placed from 8am to 5pm for next-day shipment. If the requirement is more urgent, the company can direct the factor to its nearest FPS branch, where it is able to identify locally held stock for passenger car/LCV and CV vehicles, available for same-day delivery.

During busy and peak call periods at BTN, the level of inbound and outbound calls is monitored closely and staffing levels are adjusted throughout the day. Any missed calls are proactively followed up.

Vital advice

The BTN sales team will be able to advise if a critical instruction applies to the turbo at the quotation stage, or if there are any supporting accessories, such as oil feed pipes, oil return pipes and oil strainer kits.

This information can also be downloaded from PartnerZone. The critical instruction will be included in the box for the technician and can also be found on the TurboTech section of the BTN website, for later reference if required.


Once the order has been placed, the warehouse will pick and pack the turbo, along with any accessories, promotional items or critical instructions. Every turbo is also packed with a free gasket kit and an oil filled syringe.


If a turbo is returned for inspection by the technical/warranty department, it will be stripped and examined in minute detail by a specialist, who will then produce a bespoke engineering report supported by photographic evidence showing the step by-step strip down process. BTN’s commitment is to turn this around within 48 hours, but sooner if required. All of its turbos come with a two-year warranty with unlimited mileage.

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