Trico raises wiper blade awareness

Trico raises wiper blade awareness

In order to capitalise on the seasonal need for wiper blades, Trico suggests that now is the time for factors to push wiper blade awareness.

With the clocks going back soon, perhaps now is the time for factors and workshops to think of the products that will sell the most during this period and how to capitalise on them. Wiper blades are an excellent consumable to focus on; throughout a long, bright summer, the UV rays from the sun can cause damage to the rubber of a blade, so these will need checking to ensure they’re in optimum condition.

To assist with this demand, Trico is suggesting that workshops offer a free winter wiper blade check, and has compiled a helpful checklist that they can use to assess the blade’s condition and identify if it needs replacing.

Wiping away the competition

In order to set your business apart, it is imperative to go above and beyond; to do more than just supply parts. Factors can win over customers by providing them with advice that will boost their sales and keep drivers coming. With this in mind, familiarising yourself with Trico’s checklist will do no harm. In fact, it will serve as a healthy reminder to your garage customers to implement best practice.

Trico raises wiper blade awareness

Clean screen

Technicians must ensure the windscreen is thoroughly cleaned using warm water or specialist glass cleaning fluid. In particular, they must pay attention to the areas at the top and bottom of the wipe area, as dirt and debris collect there. The glass should also be checked for any cracks or chips, which are not only a safety hazard in their own right, but can also damage the wiper blade rubber.

Safe and secure fitment

The blade must be securely fixed to the arm. It should rotate freely, parallel with the wiper arm, to allow it to flex over the screen, but there should be no wobbling or movement perpendicular to the arm. This movement can be a sign of wear from the blades flipping over and could eventually cause the blades to come apart during use. Naturally, if the blade shows excessive movement, it should be replaced immediately.

Blade edge check

Technicians should gently clean the rubber blade edge with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dirt or residue. It should be checked along its length for any imperfections in the rubber, especially for splits at either end. It is essential that the rubber element is returned to a central position, and is not flipped over and set in one direction. If the blade fails any of these checks, it should be replaced.

Trico raises wiper blade awareness

As blades are not only affected by rain and snow, but also the UV rays from the sun, Trico’s guide recommends that wiper blades are replaced every 12 months to ensure maximum effectiveness and visibility.

Wipe check

Using the washer spray or a mister bottle to spray the glass, the wipers should be operated and checked for any missed areas, water smears, or multiple streaks that impair vision. Any light misting remaining after the wipe should disappear quickly. Naturally, blades that leave streaks or smears should be replaced immediately.

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