Staying in Control

Staying in Control

NRF outlines the details of its extensive range of air conditioning parts, including a wide range of compressors and condensers, available exclusively from FPS.

NRF has been manufacturing thermal control products for the automotive aftermarket since 1927. While predominantly known for its radiators, the company also produces a large compressor range.


The compressor is at the heart of the air conditioning system, pumping the refrigerant throughout it. Depending on the system, there are several kinds of compressors, such as fixed, variable displacement, rotary-vane or scroll type.

Given that even the smallest micron of dirt can affect the performance of the compressor, it’s vital that it is of high quality and well maintained, as it will be one of the first components to suffer otherwise. NRF claims that it can guarantee a reliable and durable product through a strict manufacturing process and stringent testing.

Staying in Control

The NRF compressor range consists of over 1,000 parts, with both OE and OEequivalent compressors available. Genuine OE parts are easily identified by the ‘G’ part number suffix. Each unit comes supplied with a multi-lingual and easy to understand installation manual to simplify fitting as much as possible. All NRF compressors are filled with the correct, double-end capped PAG oil.


The condenser functions as a heat exchanger for the air conditioning system, and ensures that the state of the refrigerant changes from gaseous to liquid form. The condenser’s location at the front of the car makes it susceptible to external damage from debris off the road and is the main reason for failure.

With a product range of more than 800 condensers, NRF covers over 3,700 OE references, resulting in a car parc coverage of almost 90%. Equally rigorous tests are conducted on the condenser range, including helium leak testing, and they are produced to QS-9000 or ISO 9002 certification. Up to 85% of the range is packaged with receiver driers.

NRF condensers are available in a variety of models to best suit the needs of motorists, including the traditional tube and fin, serpentine, or more modern parallel flow system. The most popular applications are available as Easy Fit, with the company claiming it
ensures correct and efficient installation by providing all assembly parts in one kit.

Staying in Control

…and more

NRF offers a broad selection of Easy Fit kits across its range of components, including radiators, oil coolers, compressors, condensers, heaters and more. These combine NRF quality with the added convenience of having everything to hand for quick and easy installation. Easy Fit items can be readily recognised by the Easy Fit logo on the packaging.

On top of an extensive range of condensers and compressors, NRF also offers a diverse selection of EGR coolers, interior blowers, and fan blades among other components, which come with a two year warranty.

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