Spartan Motor Factors discusses Textar

Spartan Motor Factors discusses Textar

Spartan Motor Factors’ General Manager, Lee Gratton, discusses how stocking the Textar brand has helped the company to increase its offering and bottom line.

Motor factors need to stock a wide selection of products to meet every need a garage may have. It’s not just the products we have to think about, it’s also the brands too, particularly for more specialised dealers.

Spartan Motor Factors operates from 13 sites in Avonmouth, Weston Super Mare, Bristol, Cardiff, Bridgend, Tredegar, Blackwood, Williamstown, Cannock, Whitchurch, Newport and Swansea, with two more depots due to open in Wales this month. Boasting a large delivery van fleet of more than 100 to service our 3,000 account customers, we are focused on being the number one choice in the area for workshops.

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We are constantly looking to adapt and evolve our product range to meet our customers’ demands. One way we have done this is by selecting to stock the right brands that our customers want and need. For our premium braking solutions, for example, we work with TMD Friction to stock its Textar brand.

As an OE brand, Textar is a particular hit with our BMW and Mercedes specialists which require a premium product that is equivalent to the original equipment. It is also a recognised brand within the industry and has helped us to make the sale when our customers are looking for a premium quality product.

In addition to the prestige we get from stocking Textar, the support we receive from the team is second to none. We have a regular supply of branded overalls and merchandise that we can send to our garage customers – something that always goes down well with the technicians.

The team is also always on-hand to support us, from helping us to educate customers on the products and prove why they should choose Textar, to more technical advice and support on best practice procedures. They have us covered.

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Being associated with the brand has really helped to elevate our position within the marketplace and increase our sales. As a result of the success we have had from stocking Textar, we have also recently chosen to stock TMD Friction’s Don brand as our mid-tier braking option.

Again, it’s a recognisable brand known for quality at a reasonable price and is perfect for customers wanting a reliable product that’s not going to break the bank.

We are committed to growing our network of branches at Spartan by offering our customers unrivalled service and excellent product choices. Our dedication to quality has ensured our continued growth, and working with TMD Friction has helped us to achieve this.

In a competitive market, garages judge us on several factors, including product choice, price, and delivery times. Whether it’s a specialist dealer that requires premium OE equivalent pads or a workshop that just wants a reliable, quality product that suits the customer’s budget, by choosing the right brands, it can often help to get the sale.

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