SPAL Automotive argues against cheap axial fans

SPAL Automotive argues against cheap axial fans

In light of recent events, Andy Clift, SPAL Automotive UK’s National Sales Manager, refutes the implementation of cheap axial fans, arguing that the aftermarket’s short-term saving will lead to long-term pain for consumers.

With the COVID-19 crisis having a huge impact on supply chains and reliability of delivery, it’s increasingly clear that motor factors must choose a strong and robust supply partner that offers quality parts in order to achieve long-term value for money.

Cooling systems are critical in defining engine performance, controlling fuel consumption and reducing emissions. Engines that operate at too high a temperature can potentially cause irreversible damage, wearing out parts and undermining a vehicle’s efficiency. With this in mind, we must avoid the temptation to replace genuine parts with cheap copies.

Quality counts, and a genuine replacement part provides not only peace of mind with a guarantee of high performance and long life, but it often isn’t particularly expensive to purchase in the first place. When it comes to engine cooling fans, choosing a quality product is essential to guarantee the reliability and performance of the engine.

SPAL knows a thing or two about thermal management; we have a pedigree stretching back over 60 years, with a global network of distributors worldwide. It is no coincidence that our high performance brushed motor axial fans are fitted to a long list of global automotive marques, acting as a silent partner and getting on with the business of cooling while hidden away under the bonnet in the engine bay.

SPAL Automotive argues against cheap axial fans

When it comes to replacement time, it makes sense to replace like with like. SPAL fans are robust and reliable, providing longer life than alternative brands – the standard product operates for 5,000-6,000 hours, but ours can deliver 15,000+ hours. They are designed to last until the next scheduled maintenance, even extending to the life of the vehicle and beyond our three-year warranty. Factors should be aware that with SPAL fans, they can promise customers superior performance and excellent value for money!

The future is brushless

We believe that our range of advanced smart controlled brushless drive fans represents the future of thermal management, especially given plans by the UK government to phase out production of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars by 2035.

Capable of managing the intense demands of battery cooling, SPAL brushless motor fans have fewer moving parts, experience less wear and tear, and only operate when the integral software dictates, meaning they are extremely efficient and have an extended operating life of between 30-40,000 hours.

Depending on the pace of change, from the internal combustion engine to pure electric and other alternative propulsion methods, brushless fans are expected to become available to the aftermarket within the next decade.

Going retro

As well as providing replacement fans for modern marques, SPAL also caters for classic vehicles which need adapting to modern road conditions.

SPAL Automotive argues against cheap axial fans

Replacing a traditional belt driven system with an electric fan delivers more effective cooling without the fan belt snapping. It’s that simple.

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