Ring offers factors lighting support

Ring offers factors lighting support

With the demand of lighting products especially prominent as winter edges closer, Henry Bisson, Marketing Manager at Ring, explains why factors should consider the company for their lighting needs.

Where lighting is concerned, there is arguably nothing more important than reliability, traceability and quality, and with the nights getting darker now that autumn is here, this is only going to become an even greater priority for garages and workshops.

For those that specialise in automotive lighting, such as Ring, investing in in-house quality test equipment is essential to ensure quality is guaranteed with every product, and to offer the customer complete reassurance every time.

Although quality is key, when opting for lighting products, additional support services can go a long way in helping customers to choose one established brand over another.

Ring offers factors lighting support

Next-day delivery

Demand for next-day delivery is increasing, and with e-commerce sites and various platforms making it easier than ever before to purchase a product at the touch of a button, being able to offer next-day delivery is no longer seen as an added benefit, but a must. Ring has set itself up to be able to meet customer expectations. For example, if customers order before 3pm, the product will be dispatched for next-day delivery.

Autumn this year is set to be the busiest in a long time for garages and workshops, with demand for MOTs, servicing and repair work set to soar as the six-month MOT exemption came to an end in August. With this in mind, the need to have quicker access to aftermarket MOT and servicing products will be even greater, and brands that have a warehouse based in the UK, such as Ring, will be able to accommodate demand a lot faster.

Ring offers factors lighting support

A home touch

Choosing a lighting brand that can offer UK production not only reduces lead times, but it also removes unwanted supply chain risks, whilst also ensuring better quality control and traceability.

For example, Ring has on-site Quality Assurance (QA) facilities, allowing the company to test all lighting products onsite. This means customers can be assured that all products in its range of bulbs perform as they should, and are suitable for the people and vehicles using them.

For motorists, this means testing to ensure wear and tear, and for professionals, Ring recognises that it is not enough to make sure a product does the job; it needs to be able to perform consistently in real-life scenarios for long periods of time.

Help when you need it

Having a UK customer service base improves communication between the lighting supplier and the customer, allowing any potential queries to be resolved as quickly and as easily as possible.

Additional marketing support, such as promotional products on new ranges, point of sale displays, helpful technical specifications, and various literature are also helpful tools to help the customer understand the benefits of a specific lighting product. On top of this, they can pass the knowledge onto the end user in a simple and clear cut manner.

Ring offers factors lighting support

It’s also worth calculating the importance of on-the-ground support. With the pandemic changing the way the industry communicates, visits from area sales managers have been reduced, but it is still important that these relationships are maintained to ensure the customer is kept up to date with the latest developments. At Ring, our Area Sales Managers are very much available and will meet with customers in the safest possible way, offering complete reassurance.

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