Re-lighting the fire

Re-lighting the fire

Hella’s new bulb packaging makes for greater clarity and an enhanced sales appeal, which in turn helps to promote the revised range of bulbs.

Good visibility is vital for road safety, and as a result, Hella is continuously working to improve its existing lighting systems and aftermarket programme.

Reliable and powerful headlights are crucial to drivers, particularly during the upcoming season, and therefore, factors must see this as an upselling opportunity that they can take advantage of.

Hella has revised its range of bulbs for cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. This is reflected in the new carton and blister packaging, as well as a new colour scheme, which is designed to support the retail sector with a transparent front and back, making it easy for the end user to search for and select the right product.

Beside the fact that bulbs tend to have a similar life span, there are other best practice principles behind why Hella recommends that when one has failed, both bulbs are replaced at the same time. One is output consistency, because despite being the same wattage, the older bulb is likely to be less bright than a new one simply as a consequence of its use, so there could be an imbalance, leading to poor visibility during winter months. Another is labour related. The time required for a bulb change in some applications is surprisingly long, as considerable dismantling is needed to access them, so replacing both is far more cost-effective.

This new packaging ensures that product categories, such as Standard, Performance, White Light and Long Life, are recognisable at a glance. Furthermore, icons and QR codes are also on the packaging and provide additional information on service life or light colour, and show suitable applications and vehicle types, making important information quick and easy to access.

Hella is dedicated to providing the best information for factors to effectively sell on its products to their customers and with the new bulb packaging, there are many elements factors can use to upsell, especially when it comes to the type of bulb the driver is looking for. The Standard bulb is in yellow packaging, and is reliable and provides good value for money, whereas the Performance range, which is in grey or dark blue packaging, is for more light with better visibility, and is ideal for passionate drivers. The green-clad Long Life has an extended lifetime and lasting performance, as it has up to three times longer lifetime than required by ECE, making it low maintenance for drivers. Finally, the White Light in pale blue has up to 30% more light compared to standard halogen lights and is well suited to ‘stylish’ drivers. By stocking these products, factors will have the tools to match the bulb to the needs and aspirations of the end user.

These bulbs are the ideal solution for the workshop, as they are high quality products from a trusted brand, which cater for every type of driver, so they are easy for factors to sell and provide a good profit margin.

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