Pumped up sales

Pumped up sales

Convincing your retail customers that they need certain products, specifically those which aren’t essential for the running of a vehicle, can be difficult. Ring explains why its range of tyre inflators make for an easy sell, if presented correctly.

We all like to consider ourselves great sales people who can sell sand in the desert. However, it can be tricky to convince potential customers that a tyre inflator is a great buy when they can just go to the petrol station to inflate a tyre. Fortunately, says Ring, its new tyre inflator range sells itself. All you need to do as a retailer is let your customers know the problems that a tyre inflator can solve for them.

Pumped up salesPumped up sales

The importance of basic tyre maintenance can never be underestimated: the old adage “prevention is better than the cure” certainly rings true here. Tyres that are at their optimum inflation will have the ideal surface area in contact with the road, which means safer driving, improved grip and manoeuvrability.

On top of that… regularly topping up inflation will help your customers save money. This should get your customers attention. Correctly inflated tyres improve fuel efficiency, and with today’s prices, who doesn’t want to save fuel? It’ll also cut carbon emissions, and help the tyres to last longer, as wear and tear will be minimised.

But to get all these benefits, tyres need to be topped up every couple of weeks. In real life, no one is going to want to drive to the petrol station, find change, stand in the rain and use a dirty, industrial air machine on the forecourt. But with a small, easy-touse and quick inflator of their own, a driver can be reaping all these rewards with minimal effort.

Pumped up sales

Ring’s wallet friendly range of tyre inflators features six portable, easy-to-use compressors, ranging from a simple analogue device through to an all-singing digital cordless version. All models have a flat design, which keeps them stable during use, and they’re small and pack away neatly, meaning they can be kept in the boot and they are uncomplicated to use.

All in all, a tyre inflator solves some of the most pertinent problems faced by drivers: how to cut their costs, improve safety and make their tyres last longer.

Extra support

Ring can support your business, with a selection of marketing and point of sales literature – including posters, header cards, leaflets, shelf wobblers, videos and imagery – all backing up the idea that a tyre inflator is a solution your customers need.

To find out more, contact your Area Sales Manager, or visit www.ringautomotive.com

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