Osram explains importance of lighting availability

Osram explains importance of lighting availability

Terri Clark, Lighting Marketing Manager for the Osram brand, discusses how important it is for lighting products to be available, trustworthy and bright enough to serve the consumer.

As the nights draw in, good quality lighting is a must, and it’s important that every vehicle is fitted with working lights to maximise safety on the roads for both drivers and pedestrians. It’s important for workshops and factors to realise that if a bulb is not bright, then it’s not right.

With lighting technology constantly evolving, the options for technicians and factors are endless. Osram is urging them to ‘check’, ‘change’ and ‘upgrade’, and to opt for high-end innovations from established OE brands and benefit from the quality of their products and support offered.


Having access to the correct bulb is essential. With garages expected to be busier than usual this autumn, with the MOT exemption earlier this year causing a backlog of thousands of MOTs, it’s important they can get their hands on the bulbs they need as quickly and easily as possible.

Garages and factors should be able to find the right bulb for well-known brands of cars, bikes and trucks using specialist tools such as Osram’s Bulb Replacement Guide. Users simply need to enter the vehicle type or search via the Osram order number or ECE Reference, before selecting the required light source and technology.

Whether searching for low beam, high beam or daytime running light applications, as well as halogen, LED or xenon technologies, all of our products provide powerful light output and quality.

Osram explains importance of lighting availability

A trusted brand

Our Trust Programme was first introduced in October 2015 for HID (Xenon) bulbs, and as a result of its success, has now been extended to include Halogen upgrade DUO BOXED bulbs.

This programme provides the aftermarket with a solution to fight against counterfeit products by merging a unique bulb ID with a unique packaging ID.

The online tool is available to support customers so that they can check and identify HID and Halogen Osram originals from HID and Halogen counterfeits.

To check, users simply need to click here, and enter the seven-digit label code from the packaging and then enter the captcha code shown. After the label code has been verified, the automatically prompted bulb data needs to be checked.

Counterfeit and spurious products negatively impact every party in the supply chain as there is an evident safety risk, and they often have a very reduced lifespan and insufficient photometric values.

Severe damage can also be caused to the headlight, such as fogging, and the electronic components, such as the control units, airbags and communication systems.

Brighter bulbs

Of course, brightness is a key factor when it comes to bulb quality, and factors can opt to stock products that provide more brightness on the road.

Osram’s Night Breaker Laser range features laser ablation technology, and its highly engineered filament enables it to shine up to 150% brighter. The bulbs in the range also provide up to a 150m long beam and 20% whiter light compared to the minimum legal standard, whilst also offering a wide hot spot beam and sharp cut off.

The Night Breaker Laser range has been designed with the purpose of maximising safety and visibility, and to ensure drivers can spot hazards quickly.

For more information on Osram’s range, click here.

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