Nissens launches range of EGR valves

Nissens launches range of EGR valves

As part of its ‘Efficiency & Emissions’ product category, Nissens Automotive recently launched a new range of EGR valves. The company’s Executive Vice President, Klavs T. Pedersen, is on hand to explore the range further.

Today, EGR valves are mounted in almost every new car, and together with the turbo, the new product category is experiencing rapid growth. They require deep knowledge and insight, and with this in mind, Nissens has been working intensely on getting ready for the launch of the EGR valve.

It is important for us to be a strategic and valuable partner for our customers, and to listen to their needs. With our experience in launching advanced products, many have approached us regarding EGR valves and turbos, and the market for Efficiency & Emissions products will only grow even further in the years to come. There has been a need for high quality products and concepts, matching the original parts, and as an experienced aftermarket supplier, we can offer quality solutions and now also EGR valves in genuine Nissens quality.

Nissens launches range of EGR valves

Thorough preparation 

Over the last couple of years, our engineers in Denmark and in our Technology Centre in Germany have been working intensively on these valves, ensuring that everything is set to present them to the market. Our extensive testing and quality processes are key, and we only wish to release products that can match the highest quality levels. At the same time, everything concerning the product has to be in place; product and catalogue data, and marketing and training material must be ready for the sales team and our customers to start working with the product.

Our EGR valve program has been underway for a long time, and since revealing the new product group at Automechanika 2018, we have focused intensively on preparing for the actual launch.

Nissens launches range of EGR valves

As is the case with all of our product launches, we did not want to compromise on any aspects of our EGR valves. From the beginning, we have been aware of how difficult it is to obtain a high quality level in terms of the development of EGR valves. Since we announced that we were going to be launching our EGR valves, we have focused intensively on achieving a level of high quality. Throughout our comprehensive product testing process, we have gained valuable insights into the product, and we hope that we have something unique to offer to the market.

Our range covers more than 30 part numbers, with 70 models to be covered throughout the year. The EGR valves are part of the company’s ‘First Fit’ concept, which means that they always fit the engine layout and the relevant connections smoothly.

For more information on Nissens’ EGR valve range, click here.

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