Nissens Automotive discusses turbo programme

Nissens Automotive discusses turbo programme

Nissens Automotive says it has a reputation for providing the independent sector with matching premium replacement components and repair solutions that give motor factors and their workshop customers confidence. In addition to its thermal management expertise, its aftermarket offering also includes turbochargers and related products – PMF finds out more.

The Nissens turbo offering falls within the company’s engine efficiency & emissions product category. It consists of more than 180 part numbers, catering for more than 2,000 OE references and providing coverage in excess of 30% of the British and Irish car parc. The range is designed and manufactured to match OE specifications, in order to replicate the engine performance, fuel economy, emissions standards and durability stipulated by vehicle manufacturers.

These high standards apply equally to Nissens’ electronically controlled turbos, where selected models are now equipped with E-actuators, supplied by HELLA, a leader in OE electronics and sensor design and manufacturing, following a strategic partnership between the two companies.

Nissens added turbochargers to its programme in 2018 and claimed it has pushed the limit of what can be expected of an aftermarket turbo regarding quality and performance; however, with the expertise of HELLA, the possibilities have been increased.

Nissens Head of Product Management, Steffen B. Jensen, said: “We see that the premium segment most often comes with advanced engine designs that are fitted with an electronically controlled turbo. To ensure optimal, smooth and reliable engine performance, the turbo needs precise flow control for the exhaust gases and enormous demand is placed on the diagnostic capabilities and control stability. It was, therefore, important for Nissens to secure a partnership with the market’s best OE supplier within this product area.”

A unique market opportunity

For motor factors and their workshop customers, this solution provides a unique opportunity in a market where “historically, competition has been minimal”.

As the system is particularly sensitive and its manufacture demands advanced know-how, extreme attention to detail and precise calibration, traditionally, OE products have often been the only viable aftermarket option, the company said. Now, with this new strategic partnership, aftermarket professionals will have more options to choose from.


Steffen added: “We could not have found a better partner than HELLA for our turbo actuator solution, as it is a top-tier German OEM that has great knowledge and experience in the electronics field. This ensures our products are of the highest precision and proven reliability, which is amplified by the fact that these models will also carry the HELLA logo. So, to have this agreement is outstanding and gives our turbo offering something unique in the aftermarket.”

In addition to matching the performance standards, Nissens’ commitment to the aftermarket means that it has also thought about the concerns of both the factors supplying and workshops installing the components.

As a result, each replacement turbo, whether wastegate or variable geometry utilising pneumatic or electronic activation, is a new, outright purchase unit, that comes without surcharge or the need to return the old unit.

When it comes to installation, each is designed to mirror the existing vehicle system and engine layout, and comes with all the important additional parts, like gaskets or stretch-bolts, that are needed to make fitting an easy and straightforward process, as well as comprehensive fitting instructions in both printed and online formats.

Nissens claimed turbo failures are often accompanied with, or caused by, problems with related components, which is why the Nissens programme also helpfully includes additional products, such as turbo intercoolers and oil feed pipes (OFPs), which, as a best practice procedure, it recommends are replaced at the same time as the turbo.

The turbo OFP is a particularly important component within the turbo system, as it delivers vital lubrication to the turbo from the engine’s lubrication system, ensuring the turbo shaft is sufficiently lubricated and cooled, so is key to the turbo system’s proper operation.


Nissens’ current OFP range caters for 99% of the company’s turbo programme, but reflecting the growing importance of the component, is poised to increase over the next few months. All the related technical product information, including high-quality pictures, for the entire Nissens turbo system offering can be found in its own catalogues, as well as in TecDoc.

Technical excellence

It is important for motor factors to realise that in addition to the comprehensive fitting instructions that come with every Nissens component, the company also provides technicians with a host of reference information to help them understand the issues, diagnose faults and ensure their workshop customers are able to fit the replacement items with confidence, successfully complete the job and get it right, first time.

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