Millers Oils advises factors on lubricants

Millers Oils advises factors on lubricants

Millers Oils’ Managing Director, Tony Lowe, emphasises the solutions that motor factors can invest in to keep customers coming back again and again.

Vehicle technology continues to change on an almost daily basis. From standard combustion engines, to hybrid and electric vehicles, there has never been a time where engines and vehicle systems have been so complex and so varied. Whilst this is undoubtedly an enticing opportunity for the consumer, for the aftermarket supply chain it can place added pressure. One size no longer fits all, especially regarding lubricants.

Tony Lowe, Millers Oils’ Managing Director, commented, “We are all aware that the shelves of motor factors and garages are full of a wide range of oils all labelled for all kinds of specific purposes – high-tech engines, new cars, hybrid, higher-mileage vehicles, heavy-duty/off-road SUVs – the list is endless. However, this need for numerous different oils can paint a confusing picture, and one that can be costly as cash and shelf space is tied up with potentially slow-moving stock.

Recognising the need to simplify what was on offer to professional and trade users was the original thinking behind our Trident 10 range, and it continues to shape its development. Even with recent introductions, the range currently offers just 10 specially blended oils, ideal for high volume use in the workshop. This may not be ‘one-size-fits-all’, but it’s as close as possible without compromising on quality or performance. We firmly believe that Trident 10 stands for quality.”

Millers Oils advises factors on solutions

Suitable for petrol, diesel and the increasingly popular hybrid engines, Millers Oils claims that Trident 10 is ideal for high volume use in the workshop, and regards it as the most cost-effective lubricants solution in the market. With 10 oils to choose from, Trident 10 minimises the risk associated with over-investment or over-stocking.

Tony added, “Blended in the UK by Millers Oils, Trident 10 is backed by over 130 years of unrivalled oil blending experience. The range is designed to meet the latest European emissions standards requiring ACEA C1, C2, C3 and C4 specifications, and offers a wide range of viscosities and specifications.

The entire range also surpasses manufacturer standards. What’s more, it offers unrivalled benefits, including fuel economy and reduced engine wear, improved combustion, maximum engine protection, efficient cold-start (down to as low as -30°C), and protected and prolonged engine life.

Let’s talk about EPP

Millers Oils is one of the very few lubricant companies that also specialises in treatments. The company claims that its range of products offers superb cross-selling and up-selling opportunities that can help to boost profits and encourage customer loyalty throughout the supply chain. These simple solutions can supposedly provide a noticeably enhanced performance, and this is what makes them a powerful sales tool.

The company’s most notable and successful treatments offering is its Emissions Performance Programme (EPP). Created to tackle the sharp increase in MOT emissions failure following the Euro 6 legislative changes, EPP provides garages with a solution that is backed by Milers Oils’ ‘EPP promise’, whilst also enabling factors to provide an offering that is driven by increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

On the programme, Tony said, “No other treatments range is backed by so much support, nor such a distinct mission statement. The products within EPP are also proven to deliver tangible and beneficial results. These are not products for the sake of releasing a product; they have been extensively developed and tested to perform. Comprising eight products, EPP, along with our ‘EPP promise’, is a highly lucrative add-on sales opportunity for motor factors that want to offer their customers something more than just a ‘me too’ product, but instead products that keep them coming back again and again. EPP offers profitability that everyone in the supply chain can benefit from.”

Millers Oils advises factors on solutions

One recent EPP convert is CMC in Northampton. CMC’s Steve Randall admitted that he was skeptical of the range because he had “come across additive products before and never had good experiences”. However, after testing several products within Millers Oils’ EPP range, Steve concluded: “The results were amazing. Needless to say, I will be recommending this to all of my customers.”

Treatments included in the Millers Oils EPP range include Diesel Filter Primer, Diesel Injector Cleaner, DPF Turbo & Exhaust Cleaner, Diesel System Clean & Protect, Engine Flush, Petrol System Clean & Protect, PPF Turbo & Exhaust Cleaner, and Petrol Injector Cleaner.

For more information on Millers Oils’ Trident 10 and its Emissions Performance Programme, click here.

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