Mahle addresses demand for cabin filters

Mahle addresses demand for cabin filters

Mahle Aftermarket’s Managing Director, Jonathan Walker, stresses the need for the aftermarket to make the most of the growing demand for cabin filters as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

There is no denying that the global pandemic is forcing the general public to be more aware and conscious of the air they are breathing in on a daily basis. This is intensified by new legislation coming into play that requires people to wear a face mask when travelling on public transport or visiting retail shops.

Although the world has changed dramatically over the last few months, people are now beginning to adjust to a ‘new normal’ and are looking for ways to continue their daily life. Travel is key to this, and there has been a spike in people opting to use their personal car rather than use public transport.

With this in mind, and as motorists could be inside an enclosed space for any length of time, a number of garages have reported that cabin filters are in higher demand than ever before, as motorists are being proactive in their attempts to breathe in clean air.

Keep the door closed on harmful pollutants

Motorists are seeking reassurance at this unprecedented time, and it’s to be expected that they are relying on their technician to provide advice on how best to purify air entering their vehicle.

Not only does a high quality cabin air filter help a vehicle to run more efficiently, as it prevents unwanted debris clogging up the HVAC system which could result in irreparable damage, but it also plays an essential role in keeping the air inside the cabin fresh.

With findings demonstrating that more than 100,000 litres of air is swept into the cabin every hour when a vehicle is in operation, it is recommended to always opt for quality when choosing a cabin air filter.

Putting quality first

There are all sorts of invisible dangers waiting to enter a vehicle such as mould, bacteria and unwanted smells, and many conventional filters lack the technology to eliminate them.

Although conventional filters have often struggled to provide a complete solution, there are options available that feature advanced technology, helping to prevent the invisible danger of mildew and mould spores that linger in the air from entering the cabin. This ensures the air conditioning system is kept clean and mould build up is prevented, significantly benefiting a passenger’s health.

Mahle addresses demand for cabin filters

For example, Mahle’s CareMetix cabin filter features a five-layer cabin filter, specially designed to improve passenger health and wellbeing by removing nasty odours and harmful contaminants from vehicle cabins.

This enables garages to offer customers a tangible difference as the range provides five-layer protection against allergens, brake dust, diesel soot, fine particulates and tyre debris that is proven to enter a car from exhaust fumes in preceding traffic.

The filters within the CareMetix range also feature an anti-bacterial coating preventing dangerous micro-organisms from spreading throughout the filter material, enabling passengers to breathe easy.

All-round protection and complete coverage

Not only does the filter provide protection for passengers, its cutting-edge technology also preserves the sensitive components in the HVAC system from premature wear, providing a complete solution.

The CareMetix range provides strong coverage across the total European car parc, with the figure expected to increase as Mahle continues to add new parts to its offering.

With more motorists understandably taking action to improve their vehicle’s circulation and prevent unwanted germs and bacteria entering their car, we anticipate a surge in demand for cabin air filters.

With this in mind, we urge the aftermarket to provide customers with quality at all times. This will not only benefit the passengers, but it will help to prolong the life of the HVAC system overall.

For more information on Mahle Aftermarket’s CareMetix cabin air filters, click here.

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