Lucas Oil discusses partnerships with influencers

Lucas Oil discusses partnerships with influencers

Partnerships with motor racing teams, social media ‘influencers’, as well as brand ambassadors drawn from the automotive sector, will be at the heart of Lucas Oil’s latest campaign to promote sales of its US made oils, additives and workshop lubricants:

It’s a strong promotional campaign, in which we are focusing on the high performance, preventive maintenance and emission reducing qualities of our products. We will continue the campaign and sales momentum developed in 2021 throughout 2022,” said Dan Morgan, director of sales and operations for Lucas Oil Products (UK).

Partnerships with motorsport teams and associations will be key to this…

Lucas Oil and the French F2 racing team, DAMS, will continue their partnership throughout the 2022 season.

The deal was confirmed shortly after former racing driver, Christopher Pic, signed an agreement to take control of one of F2’s most successful motor racing teams. DAMS has won 15 driver championships, 16 team championships and accumulated 168 wins.

In his second season with the team, Williams’ test driver, Roy Nissany, will drive the #16 car. He will be paired with Ayumu Iwasa in the #17 car, who takes the step up from F3 racing. The two cars will be prepared for each race using a selection of products from the Lucas Oil range.

Lucas Oil influencers

Each race in the 14-round competition supports a F1 weekend, with a 45-minute sprint race on Saturdays and a 60-minute feature race on Sundays.

Every F2 car is based on a Dallara chassis, powered by Mecachrome engines and race on Pirelli tyres.

Dan said: “The Lucas Oil brand has a reputation for high performance under extreme conditions. I’m delighted to be able to continue our F2 partnership with the DAMS team, now under the guidance of Christopher Pic. We are all looking forward to some exciting racing.”

Wide product range

A select group of influencers and brand ambassadors have already received their ‘welcome packs’ from the US oil manufacturer. These packs contain oils, core additives, plus lubricants from the wider range of Lucas Oil’s workshop products.

Lucas Oil influencers

Dan commented: “We have included items, such as White Lithium Grease, Red ‘n’ Tacky Grease, Air Tool Lube, as well as Chain Lube Aerosol and the rust-busting Toolbox Buddy Aerosol, to demonstrate the wider application of the lubricants range.”

Strong influence

Dan continued: “Our influencers and ambassadors will be able to highlight the true depth of our oils, additives and lubricants. Our core products will be key to this; for example, Safeguard Ethanol Fuel Conditioner has made a significant impression on the sales and revenues of our distributors since the introduction of E10 fuels last September. That’s largely because it was a readily available protector for the engines and components in vulnerable vehicles. Our team will be able to broadcast its wider applications, as well as all the other products in the pack, to the garage trade in a variety of garage workshop situations.”

These activities will be varied, anything from a website post or a story on Instagram, to product displays at the trackside, workshop demonstrations, appearances at trade shows or the publishing of videos via their online channels.

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