Leisure Product Portfolio

Leisure Product Portfolio

FPS explains how to benefit from a leisure product portfolio without losing focus on the core business.

With warmer days and bank holidays on the horizon, families across Britain are revving up their travel and leisure plans. To ensure that the sector is well prepared for this annual seasonal trend, Royal has introduced a number of new additions to their camping and caravanning range for 2018.

Available exclusively from FPS, the diversity of the Royal portfolio presents motor factors with various cross-selling opportunities that can easily fit into any stocking preference. Coupled with packaging that appeals to the discerning customer, Royal products make a commanding statement for on-shelf display.

The logic behind allocating motor factor shelf space to leisure products is that many items actually complement the portfolio that is already stocked. For example, motor factors who stock travel and touring accessories such as European motoring kits, roof bars, boxes and bike carriers can find valuable opportunities in items such as camping furniture and accessories.

For motor factors looking to expand their product offerings, but are committed to maintaining a focus on their core business, Royal’s 2018 range provides great cross- selling opportunities for their shelves.

Sleeping bags

Whether a motorist is an avid camper or otherwise, sleeping bags are handy to have in the car boot in case of emergencies. Lightweight but warm, this item makes long road trips more comfortable as well as being invaluable during the cold winter months, while waiting for help to arrive during the time of need.

Royal’s 2018 sleeping bags are made of high quality hollow-fibre filling. Available in single (adult or junior) and double sizes, the sleeping bags have zip baffles to provide additional insulation in colder weather and a small pocket inside to keep valuables safe.

Cool stool

Royal’s range of picnic bags has always been well received by motorists. To provide customers with added functionality this year, Royal has introduced a stool with a coolbag.

The sturdy, steel framed stool has an integrated 20L coolbag and adjustable carry strap. Folding down easily for compact storage and transportation, the appeal of this product extends further than the avid camper.

Picnic bags

Although the range was established prior to the 2018 season, the Royal picnic bag range continues to be very popular. From simple cooler bags for the casual road-tripper, to large insulated cooler bags equipped with cutlery, dining sets and napkins for four, Royal’s range of picnic bags is designed to make a statement on the shelves and with the user.

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