Hella advises factors on diagnostics

Hella advises factors on diagnostics

Hella Gutmann Solutions’ Head of Business Development, Neil Hilton, lays down his top tips for motor factors looking to develop their diagnostic equipment sales.

Today, diagnostic tools are a necessity for the independent workshop to compete effectively with original equipment franchisers. Forward-thinking factors are ideally placed to focus on this product line as an additional revenue stream. To maximise sales, factors need to position themselves as reliable specialists and promote to their customers the benefits of diagnostic tools and the added value they bring.

At Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS), our mega macs range of tools is highly regarded within the field; we aim to provide the aftermarket with a quality, multi-brand diagnostic capability, allowing it to compete directly with vehicle manufacturers’ (VMs’) franchised dealers.

The tools provide the perfect opportunity for workshops to future-proof their business, as they are able to quickly and accurately diagnose faults and institute a resolution, saving time and money.

Nowadays, if only to reset the service-related warning lights, even the most basic service requires the use of diagnostic equipment. Indeed, one of the characteristics that sets the HGS mega macs range apart is its ability to prompt users to the VM’s online service schedule in order to electronically update the vehicle’s digital service record. Without fulfilling this function, it’s common for the service-related warning lights to come back on and, in extreme cases, for the vehicle to go into limp mode, as the VM’s online system does not acknowledge that the vehicle has had the required service and is therefore unable to verify its safety.

On top of this, another problem persists when technicians use superficial diagnostic test results. For example, some use fault codes to automatically change what could be the faulty component without considering what might have actually caused the issue or whether an underlying matter is ultimately responsible.

Hella advises factors on diagnostics

Although a tool might display the fault codes that identify a problem with the EGR valve, further diagnosis should be carried out before assuming a simple replacement will solve the problem. When most common components are replaced, they will also require a basic setting or adaptation before they operate correctly.

By contrast, the mega macs diagnostic tool range, in addition to highlighting the fault codes, will direct the technician to a series of potential causes for the fault.

Whilst this may or may not be remedied by the replacement of the EGR valve or the other component, it will allow technicians to get to the actual source of the problem and undertake the correct repair.

Unfortunately, simple replacement remains one of the primary reasons for drivers to return their vehicle to the workshop with a recurrence of the fault, which incurs costs to the workshop and inconvenience to the customer. It is also a big problem for factors that constantly have parts returned when they have not resolved the fault for the workshop.

In line with HGS’s commitment to technical excellence, every product licence includes access to a free technical support hotline offering high-level technical support from a team of experts in the UK, supported by more than 100 master technicians in Germany.

To enable factors to comprehensively sell the best tool for their customers’ requirements, HGS has provided the following selling points of each of its mega macs tools:

mega macs 56

The mega macs 56 has become the most popular model in the HGS range; it is more advanced than the 42 SE version and is highly portable, with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth VCI connectivity. It has all of the features needed for a typical workshop, is user-friendly, and also features the renowned ‘Real Time repair’ function and comprehensive technical data. HGS recommends this for mid-sized workshops that are looking to offer more diagnostic capabilities to their customers.

Hella advises factors on diagnostics

mega macs PC Rugged Tablet

This tablet allows technicians to diagnose issues and it has similar capabilities as the mega macs 56. The PC version is an all-round powerful diagnostic solution that runs on a Windows-based Rugged Tablet, with full diagnostic and technical data functions that many workshops will find hard to beat.

Hella advises factors on diagnostics

mega macs 42 SE

A compact and lightweight diagnostic tool. the mega macs 42 SE has comprehensive vehicle coverage and is packed with features. It is popular with smaller workshops or mobile services and has many of the necessary capabilities they need to diagnose problems quickly and accurately. For those just venturing into diagnostics or mobile ADAS recalibration, this is a great, portable option.

mega macs 77

The mega macs 77 tool is the most powerful diagnostic tool that HGS offers, and we recognise it as the leading device in the independent aftermarket. The tool allows up to 16 vehicle parameters to be viewed at any one time and provides a step-by-step guide through the measurement procedure, with detailed notes and instructions displayed on the device’s screen. It is ideal for larger workshops or those that specialise in diagnostics, as well as training centres.

For more information on HGS’ range of diagnostic tools, click here.

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