GYS dissects the confusion around booster packs

GYS dissects the confusion around booster packs

GYS dispels the confusion surrounding booster packs and the myriad of power output numbers, making the company’s booster pack offering much easier for aftermarket businesses to understand and sell.

Factors and garages can be forgiven for being confused when it comes to choosing the right booster pack, with various measures being quoted for power output, including peak current and cold cranking current. On top of this, there are many boosters on the market at different prices.

To help clarify the situation, GYS has guidelines that it is offering to its customers to follow. When choosing a booster, there are two major points to consider:

1. The specification and output of the booster pack

Comparing the output of a booster can be confusing, as there are three measures in common use. Products are often rated in Peak Amps or Cranking Amps, but the most informative measure is the Starting Current. This is measured as the maximum output (Amps) of the booster where the battery is at 1V per cell, so clearly, it is important when comparing boosters that the same measure is used. The Peak Amp figure will always be much higher, but it is the Starting Current that is the best guide to the performance of the unit. A higher quality unit will also give more starts between recharging.

GYS dissects the confusion around booster packs

2. The specification of the charger

When stocking a booster, factors are investing in a powerful battery, which can be expensive. What is less understood is that to maximise the life of the internal battery, the charger that is used to recharge the battery is very important. To ensure the battery is recharged to its maximum, the booster should contain an advanced charger. The GYSPACK 650 and 810, GYSPACK PRO, and STARTPACK 12.24 products include a microprocessor controlled multi-stage charger which is designed both to charge to 100%, and to be safe when it is connected permanently to the mains when the booster isn’t in use.

GYS offers three ranges of booster packs:

Value range – Comprising eight 12V and 12V/24V machines with starting currents (measured at 1V per cell), ranging between 480A for the GYSPACK 400 to 750A for the GYSPACK Truck Mobile.

GYS dissects the confusion around booster packs

Premium range – Five booster packs with steel cases, high specification copper cables and premium internal batteries. The range includes units suitable for 12V applications, and units suitable for 12 and 24V applications. Starting currents range from 640A through to 1600A, and they are supplied by what is renowned as ‘the beast’, the STARTPACK PRO 12.24XL.

Lithium booster packs – a range of six multi-function models. The Nomad Power 10 is suitable for very light duty 12V applications, providing a starting current of 200A, through to the NP Pro Truck, which is suitable for 12 and 24V applications, and delivers a starting current of 600A. The GYS range of Lithium Booster packs have useful 12V power outlets, USB sockets and multi-mode lamps.

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