Good vibrations

Good vibrations

Following the release of its new low vibration hammer, Chicago Pneumatic discusses its properties, namely its low levels of vibration which serve to protect users from sustaining damage to their hands and arms.

Chicago Pneumatic has recently introduced a new low vibration hammer that is ideal for everyday general technician/body shop use. With two versions – CP7160 and CP7165 – the hammers are comfortable to use and powerful, so operators can complete the task quickly and efficiently, and reduce the risk of long-term injury. Both versions are designed with an air cushion to reduce vibration – CP7160 (4.37 m/s2) and CP7165 (3.26 m/s2) – as pneumatic hammers work by way of a piston repeatedly hitting a chisel. This typically creates vibration, which results in shock being passed through the tool onto the hands and arms of the user.

The vibration in Chicago Pneumatic’s hammers is said to be lower thanks to the inclusion of the vibration damped valve, which creates the air cushion and thus minimises shock. The hammers are also well balanced, as the handle isn’t positioned right at the back of the tool, and thus rests easily in the operator’s hand. As a result, it is more comfortable and less fatiguing to use than other tools in its class. The back of the tool has a covered rubber grip to prevent slipping from the hand in situations when they may become coated with dirt or oil.

Good vibrations

With the CP7160 delivering eight joules and the CP7615 delivering 11 joules, there is plenty of power on show; the user simply selects the required power for the application thanks to the adjuster positioned at the bottom of the handle. Between the two models, there are four settings: CP7160 (between 36 and 100% power) and CP7165 (between 73 and 100%).

Furthermore, the hammer is lightweight and durable thanks to an aluminium motor housing and metal damped valve, which is claimed to be more robust than a composite type. As such, the tool easily withstands the typical vigours of a workshop and provides reliable use over its service life.

All things considered, Chicago Pneumatic claims that its tool delivers the highest value in terms of performance, ergonomics and durability when compared with other tools in its class, and is the perfect solution for everyday disassembly tasks, including rivets and welding joints.

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