Exide Technologies describes its services

Exide Technologies describes its services

To help factors provide the best service for their customers, Exide Technologies runs through the services it offers, including fitment information and a battery lookup tool.

Exide Technologies claims that it has the most comprehensive fitment information of any battery manufacturer. It regards itself as being renowned for the quality and accuracy of its fitment data, and also for its broad coverage of the European parc across all vehicles types. The company’s Battery Finder tool works on mobile and desktop, is free of charge, and allows the user to search for the right battery according to VIN or vehicle registration number. The tool combines Exide’s expert-level fitment knowledge and almost full car parc coverage.

Avoid the costs of incorrect fitment

Exide always recommends following its fitment advice. Modern vehicles are increasingly complex, and technologies such as start-stop increase the chance for fitment errors and mistakes. Incorrect fitment choices lead to breakdowns and premature battery failure, which means customer dissatisfaction and a loss of reputation for workshops.

Informed by its OE experience, Exide puts a strong focus on the quality of its fitment information. The company prides itself on the accuracy and precision of this data. A dedicated team ensures that the information remains up-to-date and easily understood, whether the user is a roadside assistant, or a motorist doing DIY battery replacement.

In addition to being accurate and up-to-date, the fitment information covers 5,500 models from 200 manufacturers of light and light commercial vehicles. It also includes 1,300 models from 300 manufacturers of commercial vehicles and buses.


Exide constantly examines its product portfolio to fill any gaps in coverage and give customers the broadest range of battery options. It claims to have the widest coverage of the European light vehicle and light commercial vehicle parc of any battery manufacturer, and covers 99% of vehicles on the road in most markets. This ensures customers will always find the most fitting battery for their needs.

Finding the right battery

To support motorists, Exide displays its knowledge in a user-friendly tool called the Exide Battery Finder. It is freely available on the web or as a downloadable app, and is popular with end users and professionals alike, generating 2 million searches a year. The Battery Finder works for all vehicle types, and also includes special information on calculating energy needs for marine and motorhome batteries.

Users can search for a vehicle using whatever method they prefer: using the vehicle tree, by vehicle VIN, or by using country codes/license plates. The product search also contains an input field, so the user can search for any battery by part number and OE number. In the case of the app, the user even has the ability to scan a part barcode (EAN code).

“Exide combines wide coverage with best-in-class fitment information, leveraging our knowledge and experience of working with the world’s leading carmakers,” said Guido Scanagatta, Senior Product Manager at Exide. “Our free Battery Finder tool makes it fast and convenient to find the right battery for your needs.”

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