Delphi Technologies discusses stop-start technology

Delphi Technologies discusses stop-start technology

Julian Goulding, Northern Europe Marketing Manager at Delphi Technologies Aftermarket, is on-hand to discuss how the growing prominence of stop-start technology has affected ignition components.

The growth of stop-start technology presents an excellent opportunity to send sales of ignition components to a whole new high.

More than half the cars sold today come with stop-start systems, which work via the ECU to cut the engine when the car comes to a stop, and restart it instantaneously when the clutch or accelerator is depressed. Such systems improve fuel efficiency, CO₂ emissions and urban air quality by eliminating wasteful idling when at a standstill. They have proved popular with manufacturers as a means of meeting increasingly restrictive legislation in a cost-effective way without affecting vehicle performance.

However, whereas traditionally a vehicle would only be started at the beginning of a journey, with stop-start it is typically restarted frequently, especially in dense urban traffic or motorway congestion. This places greater demands on other systems, which must be designed for the additional workload if they are to give the necessary durability. The obvious examples are crankshaft bearings, engine mountings, batteries and charging systems, but there is also a less obvious candidate; the ignition system.

For a stop-start system to function as the vehicle manufacturer intended, it’s vital to maintain the ignition system to original factory standards. If key ignition components like plugs and coils are allowed to deteriorate with age, or are replaced with low quality substitutes, there is a risk that the stop-start operation could be compromised. With over 100 years’ experience, Delphi Technologies is the largest supplier of OE ignition coils in Europe and has the biggest aftermarket coverage, extending to over 160 million vehicles. We carry our OE experience across to our aftermarket products which means, as a factor, you can supply replacement parts with confidence that your customers are receiving the same specification as the factory originals.

The depth of Delphi Technologies’ research and development is illustrated by products such as its multi-charge ignition coils. These fire multiple times in rapid succession, increasing both spark duration and energy, to give optimum combustion. This technology has enabled spray guided GDi engines to achieve up to 20% better fuel economy, and reduced emissions in comparison to other time-controlled multi-spark ignition systems. It also helps to limit emissions under cold-start conditions by ensuring complete combustion of the fuel in the cylinder.

Delphi stop-start

In addition to our pioneering ignition product range and OE expertise, we provide a full-service solution to the aftermarket. This includes in-depth training, advanced diagnostics, and technical support services, providing factors and independent workshops with the knowledge to answer customer queries confidently and accurately. This helps ensure customer satisfaction and long-term repeat business, however quickly the technologies evolve.

Increased product knowledge in the aftermarket can also help to reduce the long-term cost of ownership for the customer. Routine inspection and scheduled maintenance by a workshop with the necessary knowledge and access to the correct parts can prevent small issues becoming bigger, more costly ones. Whether or not a car has stop-start or hybrid functionality, modern engines work much harder than their predecessors, typically generating much more heat in the engine compartment. This is how smaller, highly boosted engines achieve their efficiency, but it means they’re less forgiving and their systems are less tolerant of low-quality replacement parts or neglected maintenance. We can help you ensure that your customers avoid these pitfalls.

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