Delphi highlights the importance of quality ignition coils

Delphi highlights the importance of quality ignition coils

Julian Goulding, UK Marketing Manager for Delphi Technologies Aftermarket, discusses how, with many vehicle breakdowns and repairs being attributed to ignition faults, being able to offer customers a quality range of ignition coils represents an excellent opportunity for factors.

Although the technology may have greatly improved, the role of the ignition coil hasn’t changed much. They still work in fundamentally the same way as they did in the very first cars; creating the spark that is needed to ignite the air and fuel mixture. One of the hardest working parts of an engine, it takes the battery’s typical 12V and transforms them to the thousands that are needed to bridge the spark plug gap, ignite the fuel and start the engine.

Traditionally, one coil was enough to do the job, but most modern cars now use an individual coil for each cylinder. This provides a better control of the spark, which, in turn, optimises efficiency and power.

Delphi highlights the importance of quality ignition coils

But, while today’s coils are much more advanced and durable than ever before, they have never been under so much strain. With tighter emission regulations, limited engine space, the need for better fuel economy, and higher ignition voltage – as much as 45,000V in modern cars – coil technology has come a long way. However, factors such as the increased voltage that modern coils need to generate, plus the heat from a packed engine bay, mean that coils are under a lot more stress.

A failed coil is often the cause of many running issues, such as a misfire, poor starting, an illuminated engine light and a reduction in fuel economy. With a lot dependent on the coil’s performance, it’s essential that it is of the very best quality. Delphi Technologies has over 100 years’ experience of supplying carmakers with ignition components. The technology which has made us the choice of many automotive manufacturers can be passed onto the aftermarket with our range of replacement, OE-specification ignition coils.

Only the best

A case in point is that while coils essentially function the same way that they have for many years, Delphi Technologies has invested heavily to ensure optimum reliability and performance in all its OE and aftermarket coils. For example, primary and secondary coils are wound smoothly and as tightly as possible, directly onto a proprietary steel core, which helps to ensure maximum magnetic power in every turn of the wire, and only the very best wire and coatings are used.

On top of this, the company recently introduced new OE ignition coils for popular Mercedes-Benz applications, featuring its multi-charge technology. Over 14 million vehicles have been factory-fitted with these coils, and their introduction represents an excellent opportunity for the aftermarket to tap into a growing vehicle parc.

The availability of a sizeable range of highly-engineered ignition coils offers significant and numerous benefits for motor factors.

Delphi highlights the importance of quality ignition coils

Factors need to provide their clients with products that are durable and made to the very highest standards. If they can offer well-proven lines to garages and individuals alike, then that safeguards repeat business, minimises the chances of returns and ensures that their customers are able to complete a fuss-free repair that leaves a vehicle owner completely satisfied.

What we strive to offer is a fully guaranteed, fit-and-forget solution that motor factors can put their trust in. The experience and reputation of the Delphi Technologies brand helps, but we back it up with a great deal of attention to detail in our ongoing product development. Factors can use what we do to help them sell to their clients. For example, when it comes to quality, there is a whole host of information that motor factors can relay to their clients, even down to the special epoxy that is used to insulate wires and the advanced vacuum technique that is used to remove air bubbles and imperfections in the epoxy, which helps prevent internal arching and shorts. In the pursuit of quality and durability, our processes really are that involved.

There’s also the convenience of choosing a full-line supplier. With a range spanning more than 500 part numbers, covering nearly 9,000 applications and a total vehicle parc of 114 million vehicles, it’s one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

For factors, this makes choosing a supplier much easier, with them able to enjoy the reassurance that they can fulfil a growing demand with just one brand.

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