Delphi explores OBD tools

Delphi explores OBD tools

Julian Goulding, Marketing Manager at Delphi Technologies Aftermarket UK, discusses how motor factors can take advantage of the growing demand for OBD tools.

Being able to supply a quality onboard diagnostics reader that’s accurate and fast is a sure way for motor factors to find favour with time-pressed modern-day workshops.

With modern vehicles containing anything up to 50 computers, the completion of everything from complex repairs to simple routine maintenance often requires access to a car’s ECU in order to clear a fault code or program in a replacement component.

Such an undertaking isn’t restricted to main dealers or the more tech-savvy independents either; the growth of onboard electronics means that it’s unusual for any workshop or technician not to have to delve into an ECU as part of their everyday operations. What’s more, with the growth of new technologies, such as hybridisation and active safety systems, the number of components that rely on electronics will only continue to increase.

It was only as recent as the early 2000s that systems such as fuel, air-conditioning and braking were still largely mechanical. This fast-evolving shift from mechanical to electronic operation for many functions has meant that technicians and garages have had to overhaul their tool cabinets as well as the way in which they approach everyday jobs.

Delphi explores OBD tools

As Julian Goulding, Marketing Manager at Delphi Technologies Aftermarket UK, explains, this shift presents an excellent opportunity for motor factors. Julian commented, “Not only has the rise of electronics increased the portfolio of car components that motor factors are able to supply, it has also opened up a potential revenue stream for the tools that are required to service such advanced systems. A good OBD tool is now every bit as essential to a garage as a spanner is.

“As an illustration of how vital this piece of equipment is, you only need to look at air filter replacement on many modern cars. Where this was once a straightforward remove and re-fit job, a diagnostic procedure is now required to tell the ECU that it has been replaced, and in turn ensure the correct air flow measurement is calculated. The same is true for windscreens – on vehicles fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, or ADAS, technicians will now need to perform a static or dynamic calibration when replacing one to ensure these safety-critical systems function as they should. To achieve this, you need a diagnostic tool.”

Going for quality

With a workshop being increasingly dependent on an OBD tool, it’s essential that any equipment provided by a motor factor is of the highest quality. As with any tool, the cheapest is very rarely the best, and supplying an unknown item can have catastrophic results for a workshop in terms of throughput and revenue should it fail. By providing a proven OBD tool, especially one that has optimised applications, customers can perform tasks as efficiently as possible, retain work and increase the profitability of each job.

Julian added, “With our OBD tools, we use our OE-expertise to provide the perfect, reliable solution for customers to read fault codes, view live data and perform adjustments across a wide range of functions and vehicles. At the same time though, we also add in several time and money-saving features to enable quick, easy and accurate diagnosis, which really helps workshops in minimising downtime.

Delphi explores OBD tools

“It’s features like these that set OBD tools apart. From our perspective at Delphi Technologies, our tools are set apart by the technical support that we provide motor factors in the sale of our OBD tools. With this back-up, class-leading products and the availability of training to boot, our offering represents a very strong proposition for workshops and motor factors that want to fully capitalise on the needs of the increasingly complex market and set themselves up for future success.”

The Delphi difference

Delphi claims that its diagnostic offering is like no other on the market.

Here’s why:

  • User-friendly software with built-in features such as intelligent system scan, VIN recognition, help files and technical information for quick and accurate diagnostics
  • Powerful VCI with integrated flight recorder, battery voltage monitor and LED flashlight
  • Availability of car and heavy duty software packages
  • Supports extensive vehicle database with three major, easy-to-install software updates per year
  • Choice of hardware platforms for greater workshop flexibility
  • Range of additional accessories available
  • Full service support including technical hotline and training

For more information on Delphi Technologies’ OBD tools, click here.

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