Bringing customers back through the door

Bringing customers back through the door

JLM Lubricants has built its reputation on a wide range of automotive aftermarket products, and is sold in 40 countries. What do motor factors need to know about the company’s DPF cleaning range so that they can recommend it with confidence and certainty to their customers?

According to Kalimex, selling JLM’s DPF products can open the door for repeat business from trade customers; for technicians, they can retain DPF business that they’d previously outsourced or declined, and as a result, they will be knocking on their motor factor’s door for more of the same. All products have been developed to work on the most challenging of vehicles in the professional workshop.


General Manager of Essex Motor Factors, Martyn Escritt, spoke about his experience with JLM: “Every line we stock has been very successful in each area that it’s tailored to fix. Our customers are talking about it to others, who then come to us for JLM products, because they’ve heard such good things. JLM products are proving to be a talking point at least once each day in our shop.

JLM customers

“The highly advanced emission systems fitted to current vehicles in the market place are implemented from strict E.U. laws, which are having huge repercussions on many vehicles. Without these products being available, they would simply end up in workshops, having very costly parts replaced in order to rectify the faults.

“Short journeys and inner city slow traffic pose huge problems, such as soot and blockages. JLM has come up with an extensive range of additives and cleaners that really do work. With the increasing pressure to build more electric vehicles, we’re uncertain as to how fossil fuel vehicles will continue to evolve or survive, but one thing is for sure, these problems are not about to disappear anytime soon, and JLM are here to help.”

Below are three of the company’s top sellers that it believes factors can promote to their trade customers, safe in the knowledge that they are commonly used in garages.

JLM customers

1) JLM DPF Cleaner

What has JLM got to say about this?

It’s a platinum/cerium formulation for use at the first warning of a blocked DPF. It safely and effectively burns the soot off at a lower temperature with reduced ash.

Simply added to the fuel, there’s no need to remove the DPF unit. The vehicle will be back in service in no time at all. It significantly prolongs the life of the DPF.

2) JLM Diesel DPF Refill fluid

What has JLM got to say about this?

Certain diesel vehicles use an on-board DPF dosing system, which drip feeds a fuel borne catalyst into the fuel tank at each refill. This is a suitable replacement for all OEM fluids of this type.

3) JLM Professional DPF cleaning tool kit and flush fluid

What has JLM got to say about this?

It enables technicians to clean a severely blocked DPF in a few hours, without having to remove it from the vehicle.

Technicians can keep DPF business that would previously have been turned away.

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