Banner Batteries predicts spike in battery demand

Banner Batteries predicts spike in battery demand

Banner Batteries informs factors that, with the demand for batteries about to spike, now is the time to invest in its comprehensive product range.

Despite the uncertainty that continues to surround all of our lives, preparing and planning for the future has arguably never been more important. With this in mind, Banner Batteries claims to be especially focused on ensuring that its UK operation remains in prime position to meet the needs of its customers as a greater percentage of the UK vehicle parc takes to the road again.

With the typical battery buying season now just around the corner, Banner has sought to be well placed to satisfy product demand across all sectors, and attributes this to having never taken its eye off the ball even when lockdown first came around. The company’s Country Manager, Lee Quinney, explained, “Despite the difficulties that lockdown inevitably brought to all businesses, we made the decision at Banner to use the time productively, and to a large extent, this involved the team at Banner Batteries working tirelessly on fine-tuning all cross-sector product range requirements for the impending season – be it car, CV, leisure or plant and construction.

Banner Batteries predicts spike in battery demand

“We also benefitted from never closing our doors and even went on to enjoy higher than anticipated sales in the months of April, May and June. What our customers can now rest assured on is that by working closely with our world class O/E manufacturing plant in Austria, we have the power in terms of stock and product availability to meet the demand that we predict will emanate as more and more sectors get back on the move again.”

Winter promotion

To support this process, Lee alluded to Banner’s impending ‘Winter Garage Promotion’ being used to help drive demand from both the garage and factor sectors. He added, “Year on year, we have found our winter promotions to be highly successful and well received across the trade. And whilst we are still to finalise this year’s theme, content and mode of execution, a 2020 winter promotion will be unveiled in due course.”

On an unrelated note, Banner is also working on a more universally appealing public awareness initiative aimed at the general motorist and one that will play on the ‘start-stop’ AGM and EFB battery technology of today. “Whilst too early to reveal more, everyone at Banner is excited by what is about to come. So watch this space,” stated an enthusiastic Quinney.

Bullish campaigning

Banner’s UK operation has channelled its efforts into promoting its products to the motor factor. Central to this push is the company’s current above-the-line campaign – ‘NO Bull Get Real’.

Unsurprisingly bullish in its execution, the premise of the campaign is the number of leading O/E manufacturers that Banner claims turn to them as their preferred power source. The list itself is exhaustive, and includes leading names such as Audi, Autotrail, Aston Martin, Bailey Motorhomes, BMW, Caterham, Chausson, Leibherr, Lotus, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Seat Skoda, Volvo, VW, and more.

Whilst product quality is no doubt imperative, range coverage also holds significant weight. It is with this that the company has looked to take the lead, creating a one-stop source for all starter batteries – from those that deliver start-stop power in today’s cars, CVs and motorhomes, to those that are the chosen favourite amongst the biking, caravanning, quad biking, jet skiing, and motorboat communities. It’s a one make fits all.

So, now is the time for factors to embrace the post-lockdown period and capitalise on the opportunities that this will bring.

Banner Batteries predicts spike in battery demand

Power and quality

Banner’s ideology is that, when it comes to batteries, power and quality are vital, and with this in mind, it is wise for factors to take heed of the following guidelines:

  • Offering the largest capacity and the best quality batteries should always be the main priority
  • Quality is pivotal. Most operators will seek to fit batteries from an OEM supplier, thereby guaranteeing true OE quality, reliable performance and longer life. Offering budget batteries is a definite no-no, as they invariably have a much shorter working life and may be incapable of powering particular vehicles
  • Well recognised within the leisure sector is the NCC’s highly acclaimed Product Approval Scheme, introduced to provide consumers with the confidence that the battery purchased is fit for purpose and capable of performing to the levels of requirement as specified. The scheme covers three battery classes – A, B and C, and a manufacturer’s ability to supply a cross-section of products is hugely important from a supply line standpoint
  • Sourcing a product portfolio that is not only of OE quality, but which is capable of serving all sectors of the motor industry, is a pre-requisite

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