‘An end-to-end service solution’

‘An end-to-end service solution’

Delphi says that garage owners can now speed up the flow of vehicles through their workshops and improve profitability with the Hartridge Excalibur GDi Master.

The latest addition to Delphi Technologies’ line-up of advanced diagnostic and test equipment helps workshops get customer vehicles back on the road faster – the company claims – by pinpointing faults in GDi and PFi systems in as little as five minutes.

But, it’s not just the benefit to customers that make this neatly-packaged test bench a winner for garage owners looking to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

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Crucially, the Excalibur GDi Master has been designed for ease of use, drawing together an award-winning platform with the magmahTouch software touchscreen, so technicians can simply plug and play. This, in turn, might be able to offer garages a fast return on investment, with high profit opportunities and low-cost entry requirements.

What’s more, with figures showing that around 80% of vehicles will still have internal combustion engines in 2030

  • the vast majority of them Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI)
  • the opportunities are enormous.

Adam Lee, Business Unit Director – Hartridge, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket, said, “Many people see diagnostic equipment as a magic wand for improving profitability but, if it costs too much to buy-in and is costly and time-consuming to use, then it can be counterproductive for a busy workshop looking for any opportunity to increase profitability.

“That’s why at Delphi Technologies, all diagnostic products have to be properly thought through and commercially sensechecked before coming to market. It’s not just knowing that they can do the job they’re designed for, but also that they’re an affordable addition to a workshop’s toolbox and offer an attractive return on investment within a reasonable timeframe,” said Adam.

The Excalibur GDi Master’s value lies in its ability to generate high levels of profit using a seamless testing process – improving vehicle uptime, reducing customer cost and greatly improving first-time fix rates.

Delphi Service

The addition of the Hartridge Excalibur GDi Master, alongside a new range of specialized ultrasonic cleaning equipment which allows garages to remove problematic carbon deposits, means Delphi Technologies now offers a full end-to-end solution for GDi engines. Launched in 2018, the brand’s GDi programme also includes OE pumps, injectors, service kits and indepth training and technical support.

“With the addition of test and cleaning capability to our GDi program, factors will now be able to offer their customers a full, end-to-end service solution, creating value, loyalty and, most importantly, profitability, in what is one of the fastest growing areas of vehicle repair, As well as the additional revenue that comes with the equipment, factors will be able to tie in new part sales too,” concluded Adam.

For more information, visit www.rdr.link/FG035

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