Adding fuel to the fire

Adding fuel to the fire

The fuel injection system is at the heart of the diesel engine. It accurately injects high pressure fuel into the engines of millions of vehicles across the UK, but, like any other essential component, it suffers wear and tear, and can encounter problems over time. Denso’s Assistant Manager Aftermarket UK and IE, Mike Sadler, explains how it can help motor factors offer a solution.

In times of need, motor factors can offer Denso’s repaired fuel injector, and be confident that, as a solution, they boast the same attributes as their Original Equipment (OE) counterparts, such as high quality, durability and reliability.

In the remanufacturing process, fuel injection components are disassembled, cleaned and inspected, with all individual fitments that don’t meet OE specification being replaced with an OE part. All components are then reassembled and tested under stringent conditions to protect the reputations of Denso, and the motor factors and technicians involved.

Workshop conditions must be precise

This particular repair is not a straightforward task, and specialist training and skills are required to ensure that the process is comprehensive and correct. Working clearances, for example, are two microns, and it is imperative that the assembling of the injector is performed under clinical conditions inside a positive pressure clean room (ISO 8 or higher).

Even the smallest amount of dirt can contaminate a fuel injector’s nozzle, which would cause it to stick in the ‘open’ position. If this were to occur, fuel would flood into the cylinder and create a hydrostatic lock, thereby causing extensive and expensive damage to the engine.

Denso recommends that if motor factors follow this path, they seek products from one of its accredited service network workshops, as these are the only repairers in the UK that have access to genuine Denso repair parts. The use of non-genuine or counterfeit parts could also risk engine damage and, as a consequence, costly repairs.

In the UK, there are currently five Denso-approved repairers; Carwood, Merlin Diesel, Feather Diesel, Colchester Fuel Injection and CP Diesel, all of which make-up part of the Denso Service Network. As well as diesel, these also specialise in air conditioning and diagnostics.

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