A quick solution

A quick solution

Kalimex discusses the benefits of Quiksteel, and how motor factors can use it as a selling point at the counter.

Kalimex claims that there’s not an epoxy putty on the planet that’s as powerful and effective as QuikSteel. With this in mind, how can the product benefit your customers and your business?

  • QuikSteel’s properties make it useful for cars and more. It bonds to any hard surface, including metals, ceramics, wood, and even hard plastic. Kalimex claims that those who prefer to repair rather than replace will love QuikSteel. It is said to be able to extend the life of everyday items; a real bonus when the cost of replacement is high.
  • QuikSteel cures steel hard in just a few minutes, and it is able to withstand up to 300°C.
  • A repair made with QuikSteel is said to be permanent. Once cured, QuikSteel is resistant to atmospheric exposure, fuels and even acids, remaining bonded for the life of the repaired item; it will not corrode or break down.
  • QuikSteel can be painted and coated, so it repairs a variety of metal items, such as alloy wheels, cast iron fittings and steel frames in preparation for finishing, including powder coating.
  • QuikSteel can be drilled, tapped and even machined. It is able to refurbish and replace all sorts of worn and damaged items. Once cured, QuikSteel can be worked just like metal (similar to aluminium), including being turned on a lathe.
  • QuikSteel is quick, safe and easy to use. The surface must be free of contamination and debris before cutting the required amount. It is then kneaded until it’s an even, streak-free colour, before being applied firmly. It’s a good idea to moisten fingers just before applying QuikSteel to ensure that the putty sticks to the object and not to the user’s fingers. Additionally, there are no worries about waste; what’s left over will remain useable for up to three years.





Quiksteel and the AA – A positive partnership spanning 20 years

For 20 years, QuikSteel has been the choice of many of the major roadside recovery services in the UK, including the

AA and the RAC. The AA was originally looking for a way to repair major leaks in radiators, so a motorist could get back on the road quickly (rather than having to recover the vehicle). To ensure this happened, they cut out the damaged section of the radiator and then used QuikSteel to seal off the open ends of the damaged tubes. The repair was then strong enough to withstand the pressure and the heat of the engine within 25 minutes. 20 years later, AA patrols are using QuikSteel for thousands of repairs to fuel tanks, ignition coils, batteries, exhausts; even windscreen wipers.



Using QuikSteel’s point of sale to start customer conversations

The QuikSteel display measures just 18 x 11cm and stands 30cm tall. Made of perspex, Kalimex believes that it’s attractive to look at without taking over the counter.

It makes for a real conversation starter; perfect when customers are at the counter. The bright and bold text on the front shows the main benefits of the product; it can be used at home, in the workshop, on the waves and for many plumbing jobs. It holds up to 24 tubes of QuikSteel. Best of all (and a cracking conversation starter) is the little lump of QuikSteel suspended from a steel chain attached to one of the side panels. Two pieces of metal (a washer and a coin) are set into it. Not only does this show the real power of this ‘set steel hard’ product, it also encourages customers to try (with no success) in prising the metal items from the ball. You don’t have to tell customers how strong QuikSteel is, they discover this for themselves. QuikSteel is also available in blister packs for retail displays.

So, whether it’s an addon to an order, or your customer is visiting you for an epoxy paste, Kalimex recommends QuikSteel for your retail and trade customers alike.

For more information, visit www.quiksteel.net

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