A purified cab is a safer cab

A purified cab is a safer cab

Driving a vehicle brings with it the risk of inhaling the bad odours and gases that consume its interior. As a means of preventing this from happening, Primalec talks us through its solution.

Drivers spend a lot of time in their vehicles, and even with the A/C on, the air they breathe can get stale and unpleasant.

Germs, bacteria, allergens, unpleasant odours and many other air contaminants also accumulate. Whether from coughs and sneezes, takeaway food, spilt baby milk, wet dogs, tobacco smoke, polluted urban air or from moulds and spores in the heater and A/C evaporator chamber, it’s vital to take action against these contaminants.

Primalec claims that its Airco Shield Purifier provides a cleaner, medically safer environment in cars, trucks, tractors, diggers, boats, or caravans, making journeys more pleasant and less distracting.

The Airco Shield Purifier can provide a new profit stream for motor factors’ independent garage customers in the winter months.

For a modest investment, they get a profitable new customer service proposition, with no consumable costs. The benefits of the purifier include:

  • It’s easy to use and works while the user does other work
  • Kills bacteria and germs, and destroys mould spores
  • It provides a medically safer and more pleasant in-car environment
  • Eliminates nasty odours at their source
  • Eliminates virtually all odours without masking them
  • Leaves a freshened clean air interior
  • There are no chemicals and no REACH compliance to worry about

How does it work?

The Airco Shield Purifier uses the natural power of ozone (O3) to eliminate bad smells, smoke, mildew, bacteria and allergens. It creates ozone using shortwave ultra-violet inside a chamber within the machine. Ozone is one of the most powerful and effective eliminators of tobacco smoke and many other contaminants, including odours from pets, rodents, mould, mildew, fast food, cooking and other sources.

Primalec odours

It seeks out harmful bacteria and allergens in every nook and cranny by permeating the fabrics of upholstery, seats, roof linings and trim, as well as the fan blown air circulation system – and treating a vehicle only takes around 30 minutes.

How does the A/C evaporator chamber become unhygienic?

Moisture in the air collects on the evaporator core’s external surfaces where it condenses into water. Most water drains out, but some stays put. When the vehicle is not running, the dark, wet and warm evaporator chamber is an ideal breeding environment for the moulds and bacteria that cause unpleasant odours, often reminiscent of ‘old socks’ or ‘dead mouse’. As the mould matures, it gives off spores, which join bacteria, pollen and other particles that dislodge to join the airflow into inhabitants’ nasal passages and lungs as they breathe.

When should the vehicle be Airco Shield O3 Purified?

For a motor vehicle, every six months is the recommended interval between treatments, but if occupied for long periods every day, or if frequently used with a full passenger load and/or dogs, then shorter intervals may be desirable. In any case, purify the vehicle when changing the cabin air filter.

Primalec odours

Primalec Director, Richard Doran, said, “I am sure that everybody has at some point experienced a bad smell in a vehicle. The Airco Shield Purifier can eliminate these smells using ozone, which is an extremely powerful odour remover.

“It represents a great new profit opportunity for factors, workshops and air conditioning specialists who can transform the environment inside a customer’s
vehicle, making it a much better smelling and healthier environment.

“It is quick and simple to use; treating a vehicle takes just 30 minutes and for a modest investment, and no consumable costs, factors and workshops will get a highly profitable new customer service proposition. We’ll even supply consumer leaflets to help workshops sell the service.”

Full details of Primalec’s range of products are featured in the company’s latest product catalogue, including its Glo-Leak UV, Primalec and Snow Leopard brands, as well as Neutronics and T-Line branded products.

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