‘A number of options’

‘A number of options’

Although the DIY market is not what it was, there are still opportunities for factors to benefit from proactive motorists with a keen interest in their vehicles, Denso advises.

Retail sales of traditional hard parts might be a fraction of what they were in the 1970s and ‘80s,” explains, Denso’s Assistant Project Manager Aftermarket, Fatiha Laauich, “but there are still a number of key components for which there remains a demand because they are both easy to fit, and bring improvements to the vehicle, and among these timeless gems are spark plugs and wipers.”

Denso has been helping set the standards in spark plug technology for the last 60 years, which is why it is the original equipment (OE) supply partner to vehicle manufacturers (VMs). With the launch of the Nickel Twin Tip (TT) in 2009, Denso claims it brought to market the first plug to feature thin electrodes – a nickel centre and ‘twin’ 1.5mm diameter protruding ground – made without the use of precious metals, but with equal ignition performance parameters to a platinum plug, and in so doing, brought OE quality at competitive prices, to the aftermarket.

“For astute motor factors, with an eye on enthusiasts, the Nickel TT is a compelling proposition, as it provides extensive European vehicle parc coverage from a consolidated range, which means holding sufficient stock to address the needs of their customers presents no problems,” Laauich continues.

“Following the success of the Nickel TT, the company upped the ante even further with the introduction of the Iridium TT plug, which features the world’s smallest diameter centre electrode – 0.2mm smaller than its nearest rival – and together with its ground electrodes, allows the spark to expand 360° in all three directions, improving the burn of the air/fuel mixture, and optimizing performance and fuel economy.

“As a result, the Denso TT range provides factors with the ultimate customer solution, for both standard and high performance vehicles.”


When it comes to wipers, as well as excellent screen clearing performance, simplicity of range and ease of fitment are the keys to retail sales. As an OE product to VMs around the world, Denso wipers naturally deliver in terms of their capability and durability, but they also fulfil other important requirements.

“The Denso wiper programme comprises three straightforward categories – standard, hybrid and flat – that combine to provide the answer to virtually any wiper replacement requirement, which means that factors will not have to turn away motorists due to a lack of options. However, it also simplifies the decision making, as they only need to consider whether they want a direct like-for-like replacement, or upgrade to a contemporary blade.


“The sometimes tricky fitting issue is tackled by providing a number of options, including bayonet, hook or twin screw installation systems, but the process itself is made easy by the company’s inherent engineering competence and attention to detail.

“Although not directly related, these two product groups are vital for the reliability of vehicles and safety of motorists, whatever their level of enthusiasm. With Denso, factors are therefore able to address their individual needs with the most appropriate solution,” Laauich concludes.

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