A bountiful relationship

A bountiful relationship

For component manufacturers, working closely with distributors ensures that they have the correct stock profile for their business, as well as having professional, product-specific, and technical training on their range of components. NGK Spark Plugs tells us more.

Mark Hallam, Marketing Manager at NGK Spark Plugs UK, commented, “NGK Area Sales Representatives can help customers stock the right profile of components to ensure they leverage sales opportunities fully. We can help them have the correct stock content, specifically geared to their local car parc and seasonal demand.

“In addition, the team behind NGK’s product cataloguing carries out extensive research in order to ensure compatibility. Internally produced catalogue data and external catalogue systems accessed by customers is kept up-to-date, so NGK can ensure correct first-time supply.”

NGK’s team conducts regular technical training sessions on-site, either at partner locations or at its Hemel Hempstead premises, to impart hands-on knowledge of its ignition and sensor products. In addition, the company’s Sales Representatives regularly keep customers up-to-date with technical information about its expanding range of products, and are the first point of contact regarding tailor-made training sessions for spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils and leads, and other engine management sensors, such as the NTK Lambda.

Mark added, “Many part numbers are brought into the aftermarket from the OE side of our business. The vast amount of R&D carried out in conjunction with the vehicle manufacturers ensures that we meet new challenges head on. Our focus is firmly on quality, from the design stage to distribution.”

As an OEM supplier to many vehicle manufacturers, NGK’s products have a strong reputation with the OE fitment, benefitting end-users. Mark explained, “Reliability is key to our success. Vehicle owners can be confident that their engines are fitted with components which meet or exceed vehicle manufacturers’ specifications.”

NGK manufacturers

Historically, the name NGK has been synonymous with spark and glow plugs, but in recent years, there has been a steady growth of the company’s range of NTK sensors and other components. NGK recently launched a new range of ignition lead sets in the UK. The range comprises more than 40 part numbers, including copper core, carbon, and inductive resistor types, all manufactured to OE standards.

The launch came hard on the heels of the introduction of a new range of NTK camshaft and crankshaft sensors. The sensors, comprising more than 200 UK-specific part numbers, opened up further OE replacement opportunities for aftermarket customers, and followed the introduction of 20 new wide band Lambda sensors, commonly referred to as ‘five-wire’ Lambda sensors.

Mark Hallam concluded, “As a company, we never stand still; we are constantly looking ahead, and are working to expand our product offering to our customers.”

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