Understanding Updates

Understanding Updates

MAM Software explains how investing in ongoing software training can benefit motor factors in terms of their knowledge, organisation, and finances.

Business management software (BMS) is a core component of many motor factors’ day-to-day operations, but just like any other system, it needs regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance. Software providers are constantly introducing new functionality which could improve a company’s efficiency and bottom line. However, it’s important to receive the right training to ensure these features are being used to their full potential.

Most software providers will offer on or off-site training that focuses on specific features of their products. Some also provide consultancy visits or health checks that review current processes and recommend areas for improvement.

Here are just some of the benefits of investing in regular software training:

Updating existing knowledge

BMS often becomes so embedded in an organisation that businesses rely on the same features day in, day out. As the latest versions of the software are released, it can be easy to ignore the newest features.

David Tallis, Director of Tallis Autostores, admitted that his company had been using its software for so long that their knowledge “had started to go stale”. As a result, he invested in a consultancy visit and is now getting more out of his system. David added, “The session brought us right up to date with the software and showed us features we weren’t using previously.”

Streamlining operations

One of the main reasons motor factors invest in BMS is for its ability to streamline day-to-day operations. This is something
that software providers will focus on when they roll out updates, but the functionality will only benefit a business if used to its full capacity. Whether it is shortcuts that haven’t been used previously, or customisation options that make it easier to navigate the software, there are plenty of areas for improvement.

“During the visit, we learned numerous tricks and shortcuts, while tweaks were made to our system during the session,” commented Lee Dunkley, Sales & Operations Manager at All Vehicle Parts. “Off the back of the visit, we arranged a further training day, which helped us utilise the system even further.”

Make savings

Saving time and money is a priority for any motor factor, and effective use of BMS can help achieve just that. Daniel Walsh, Managing Director of Tranzparts, recently arranged a system health check. He commented, “The time and efficiency savings achieved in the business have more than outweighed the cost of the session. This will be something we do on an annual basis, ensuring our teams are utilising the software in the correct way to
get the most out of its many capabilities.”

MOT and tune-up

MAM Software offers ‘MOT and tune-up’ visits to its Autopart customers to help maximise use of their systems. The on-site consultancy visits are carried out by the Professional Services team, which make tailored recommendations to software users to improve business productivity and performance.

For more information on the software training offered by MAM Software, click here.

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