Taking Telematics to the Next Level

Taking Telematics to the Next Level

An automotive parts distributor is further enhancing customer service and cutting costs, thanks to its integrated telematics solution.

General Traffic has relied on Trakm8 vehicle tracking for the past seven years to meet its key business objectives of reducing fuel spend and improving fleet utilisation. The company has recently upgraded its telematics package to include Trakm8 EcoN driver behaviour monitoring, Trakm8connectedcare vehicle health alerts, and PDA devices for electronic proof of delivery (ePOD).

Critically, Trakm8 has integrated this technology with MAM Software’s Autopart system, creating a seamless end-to-end solution for General Traffic. The addition of ePOD devices eliminates paper-based delivery notes for the motor factor, while also helping to quickly resolve customer queries about delivery status. Trakm8 EcoN helps employees to break bad driving habits that waste fuel; while Trakm8connectedcare vehicle health alerts can prevent costly breakdowns.

Zubair Bhaiji, Transport Manager at General Traffic, said: “Due to the exceptional growth of our business we needed a solution that could help us get the very best out of our fleet. Telematics that could integrate with MAM was a key requirement for us, as it streamlines our business management processes.

“Additional features such as driver behaviour, vehicle health checks and ePODs will help to keep our drivers safe, further improve customer service, and generate cost savings.”

Vehicle health alerts

Trakm8 supplied telematics devices to all 170 vehicles in General Traffic’s fleet. The device communicates with the van’s CANbus so that it can send vehicle health alerts to the fleet manager. These alerts minimise the risk of costly vehicle breakdowns or non-starts due to issues like flat batteries – and enables the fleet manager to proactively plan preventative maintenance.

In addition, the Trakm8 EcoN function provides General Traffic with driver behaviour analytics that help drivers to eliminate bad habits. By focusing on vehicle idling, harsh acceleration, sharp cornering, speeding, and heavy braking, EcoN is proven to improve fuel economy by up to 15% and reduce the risk of at-fault accidents by up to 20%.

“We are using the telematics system to improve driver performance,” said Zubair. “We use the data collected to generate driver ratings and provide monthly feedback sessions. I am also alerted if a vehicle is idling for more than three minutes, which is important in terms of cutting our fuel bill.”

While General Traffic should see a return on its investment in terms of fuel savings and increased productivity, the company believes the main benefit is enhanced customer service.

“Delays compromise the ability of our customers to do their jobs, costing them time and money; they need every delivery to be fast and reliable,” said Zubair. “We will continue to work with Trakm8 to improve our service and pass on the benefits of our increased efficiency to our customers.”

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