SMPE Names its Popular Products

SMPE Names its Popular Products

Stay ahead of the competition by keeping up-to-speed with the latest products that are selling well within the aftermarket. This month, Standard Motor Products Europe (SMPE) highlights some products that could make a difference – if you’re not stocking them already.

Remanufactured EGR Valve Cooler

This EGR valve/cooler has been a hugely popular product since its launch in January 2016, according to SMPE. It fits the VAG 1.6/2.0 diesel engines from 2010-2014.

Blocked or partially blocked DPFs lead to carbon deposit build-up, resulting in premature failure of the EGR valve. SMPE says its remanufactured EGR valve includes a custom, in-house designed PCB and all components are stripped, cleaned and replaced if necessary. Every unit is fully calibrated after remanufacture and includes a serialised test certificate. Also included is a set of new gaskets, fitting instructions, and information flyers.

Pencil coil

SMPE says that this product has long been one of the most popular ignition coils in its range. Fitting three and four cylinder
VAG petrol engines from 2003 onwards, it owes its popularity to the number of vehicles on the road (700,000 in the UK) and the fact that there are multiple coils per vehicle (one per cylinder). It is recommended to replace all coils at the same time, as if one coil has failed, the others will have experienced the same amount of wear and will likely fail soon after the first. This offers an excellent up- selling opportunity for factors.

Air mass meter

This new-to-range air mass meter was developed and produced in SMPE’s Nottingham manufacturing facility. Although not currently available, the company expects it to be a highly popular addition to range, as it fits the same engine as the aforementioned EGR valve/cooler (1.6/2.0 diesel VAG engines). Common EGR related fault codes P0401 and P0402 can often be an indication of a faulty air mass meter – a much quicker job to replace than the EGR valve/cooler itself. As with all the company’s in-house manufactured air mass meters, each unit is fully tested and calibrated after manufacture and supplied with a serialised test certificate. Stock will be available soon.

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