Powering the charge on battery education

Powering the charge on battery education

In today’s market, it is increasingly important that factors, not just technicians, are able to understand the batteries that they are selling. Daniel Bandy, Motaquip’s Product Manager, discusses how the company plans to help.

Motaquip recently partnered with Yuasa to provide its customers with access to the GS Yuasa Academy – an online training tool that was created to maximise the potential of battery business within the aftermarket.

With over 20 training courses available, the Academy, which aims to provide product knowledge, improve customer service and reduce warranty claims, will assist Motaquip’s customers in promoting the brand’s range of Motacell Batteries.

Daniel Bandy, Motaquip’s Product Manager, commented, “We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible level of service.

“We’re always looking for ways to add value, and we have partnered with Yuasa to ensure that Motaquip customers have access to the latest and most advanced battery training.

“Understanding our customers and their businesses, we appreciate that there is a real need for more access to remote training. We are confident this move will be well received and that our customers will benefit from our association with the GS Yuasa Academy.”

Powering the charge on battery education

Created to address a knowledge gap in battery technology, the platform delivers individualised learning programmes, tailored to specific job roles within the industry. Each module takes just a few minutes to complete, and users can leave the site and return to pick up where they left off at any time.

Daniel added, “With engaging presenters and clear graphics, the Academy will help increase sales, save money, highlight up-selling opportunities and ensure that batteries leave the shelf in the best possible condition.”

Recent Yuasa research highlights the need to shine the spotlight on battery checks, an often-overlooked action and a missed sales opportunity. The study, which analysed three workshops over a three-month period, produced some shocking results. Of the 470 batteries tested, almost one in three required action.

11% of the batteries needed replacing, while 27% needed recharging, with 62% being in good working condition.

Powering the charge on battery education

Daniel explained, “If a battery fails shortly after a service or repair, customers are likely to question the quality of the work carried out, leading to a damaging lack of confidence in the supplying garage.

“Equally, if a battery fails suddenly, it can result in customers sourcing replacements from a roadside assistance service or a high-street retailer. This can be an extremely costly outcome for both motor factors and their garage customers.

To avoid this, we are urging factors to inform technicians to carry out checks on all batteries which enter their workshops. As the cold months take a hold, this is vital if we are to avoid stranded motorists and missed sales opportunities.”

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