Opportunity knocks

Opportunity knocks

According to Trico, rear wiper blades should be changed just as frequently as the blades at the front-end of the vehicle. Whilst consumers and workshops will certainly benefit from this, motor factors will be able to upsell their stock, meaning that more business is coming their way.

Trico’s philosophy isn’t always followed, despite the company consolidating the notion. Its Senior Product and Brand Manager, Sam Robinson, commented, “I’ve spoken to motorists in the past where their rear wiper blades haven’t been changed for five years! Therefore, there is definitely room for some education from both the motorist and technicians’ point of view, with factors reaping the rewards.”

Not only is this an excellent upsell opportunity, it also ensures that drivers have the best visibility possible. With this, they will be more inclined to replace them, and so the cycle continues. According to Sam, rear wiper blade sales account for just 10% of all blade sales, so advising workshops to offer a comprehensive service check and choose a brand that offers an extensive wiper programme to cover the needs of the market will enable factors to seize their opportunity to earn extra revenue.

Sam added, “Rear and front wiper blades should be changed annually. If not, aside from the obvious issue of impeding visibility, severely worn blades have been known to become damaged on metal or plastic components, which may damage the windscreen or cause the blade to disengage.

Trico blades

“There are an increasing number of vehicles with unique rear wiper blade designs. Although many blades look similar, they’re specially designed and manufactured, plus they’re specific in their fitment. The Trico Exact Fit rear blade programme, for example, boasts excellent coverage to accommodate the eclectic mix of applications.”

Marked with a yellow flash on the packaging, the Exact Fit rear blade programme contains 48 part numbers, which provide even pressure distribution on thewindscreen. They are lightweight and are protected against high UV.

Sam added, “The range of specialty blades are designed exclusively for Exact Fit rear applications. These blade types cannot be serviced with a standard conventional wiper blade and, instead, have various connection styles and blade types, such as plastic, beam or metal.”

Three on the trot

Trico’s Exact Fit wiper blade range scooped the A1 Retail Product of the Year award, which is the third year in-arow that the company has been honoured, winning Retail Product of the Year and Retail Supplier of the Year in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Sam commented, “To continue our track record of awards is both humbling and hugely satisfying. A lot of hard work goes into profiling members with the appropriate ranges, ensuring they have what they need to service their customers and maintain strong relationships.”

A1 Motor Stores Operations Director, Simon Salloway, said, “Trico has worked tirelessly with the A1 membership to promote the product and ensure that members are well placed to maximize every sales opportunity. A1 continues to grow as a group, in both members and sales, and this is only possible with the support of our suppliers, Trico being singled out as one of the best.”

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