NGK emphasises upsell opportunities

NGK emphasises upsell opportunities

Ignition specialist, NGK, has worked hard to help its distributors and their garage customers cope with the increased demand for winter vehicle checks and the resulting replacement of spark plugs and glow plugs.

Two NGK product catalogues

Spark Plug & Diesel Glow Plug 2021/22 and 2021/22 Ignition Coils & Lead Sets are packed with vital information, which is important for installers so they can select the right parts for millions of vehicles on the road.

Spark Plug & Diesel Glow Plug 2021/22 includes spark plug upgrades and is published with a photo of racing driver and NGK Ambassador, Nic Hamilton, on the front cover. Comprising 184 pages, it includes 28 new spark plugs and six new glow plugs, with almost 7,000 applications.

Meanwhile, the company’s 144-page 2021/22 Ignition Coils & Lead Sets catalogue features six new ignition coils and 294 part numbers with more than 3,000 applications. Lead sets are included in a combined catalogue for the first time with 43 part numbers with 445 applications.


NGK spark plugs

The company said drivers benefit from improved on-the-road performance and fuel economy coupled with lower emissions, thanks to NGK spark plugs.

NGK iridium spark plugs feature an iridium-alloy on the middle electrode. One of the world’s hardest metals, iridium starts melting at a temperature of 2,450°C and is, therefore, very resistant to spark erosion. Consequently, the service life is doubled on average in comparison to standard nickel spark plugs, claimed NGK.

Platinum spark plugs have a platinum plate on the middle electrode, ensuring a more constant output of the spark plug over the entire service life, even under difficult conditions.

NGK said that while precious metal spark plugs may be more expensive, when specified by vehicle manufacturers and used during service and repair, they will prevent possible problems due to:

  • Poor ignition performance
  • Poor tolerance to fouling
  • Higher ignition coil loads
  • Increasing unwanted emission

NGK glow plugs

Glow plug replacement should be part of the winter service, as they play an integral role in a vehicle’s economy and emissions’ performance, advised NGK.

Instead of changing one faulty glow plug, workshops should be advised to ‘upsell’ by replacing all of them. If one plug has failed, it is extremely likely that the remaining plugs will suffer similar fate in the near future.

NGK said its glow plugs:

  • Start diesel engines quickly and smoothly
  • Offer an excellent post-glow function
  • Have a long service life
  • Offer the latest in high technology for today and tomorrow

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