Mafco Autobar Names its Popular Products

Mafco Autobar Names its Popular Products

Stay ahead of the competition by keeping up-to-speed with the latest products that are selling well within the aftermarket. This month, Mafco Autobar highlights some products that could make a difference – if you’re not stocking them already.

Electrical push-on terminals assortment 

This product (500-5010) has been a top seller in not just the assortment range but the entire consumable range for the past five years. The assortment contains 245 terminals with pre-insulated, tab, butt, spade, blade, piggy back, sleeve and bullet. With a variety of terminals in this assorted box, it meets a wide range of electrical needs for customers. Top-ups are always available from the Mafco warehouse in case the customer only sells a certain terminal/s, rather than the entire assortment.

Mafco started stocking this product (SC39241) when it added the SUPERCOOL range in 2014. With a variety of different tools/chemicals, the stop leak has been a topseller in the whole air conditioning range. This effective product stops small leaks in evaporators, condensers, rubber hoses, gaskets and O rings, and with the stop leak containing UV dye, it makes finding leaks that much easier. Also, not harming/clogging air conditioning components adds to this particular products popularity. Note: One can treats one vehicle.

Black cable ties – 4.8 X 370MM

Officially part of the Mafco electrical range, these cable ties (511-3400) are the most popular in the company’s vast variety of cable tie packs (there are over 30 different cable tie packs, sizes, colours, etc.).

Usually selling somewhere between 500-1000 packs a month, this bag of 100 cable ties is one of the topsellers throughout the whole range of products.

Double sided number plate self-adhesive pads

Part of the MHP range, this range of products (MHP1102) is packed in a blister (small and large) with
the Mafco colours of blue and yellow.

With over 200 part numbers in the MHP range introduced in 2014, and with a number of products from washers to fuses, this part is one of the topsellers since its introduction. It is used for direct surface mounting on non-flat surfaces or surfaces with projections over the mounting area.

Blue self-stripping connector

Also known as a scotch lock, this tool is a quick yet simple way of making an electrical connection. This part number (TP100) is a topseller in Mafco’s trade pack range of over 100 parts introduced in 2015. The trade pack range is a similar idea to the MHP range but aimed more at trade customers and is packed in a clear box with a euro slot to go on stands. The blue self-stripping connector has been around for quite a few years in different ranges/quantities and has been popular ever since its introduction.

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