Life on the road with a JLM Sales Rep

Life on the road with a JLM Sales Rep

Kenny Myers, a longstanding Sales Agent for Kalimex – UK distributor of the JLM range – explains why encouraging your customers to tackle issues with blocked DPFs ‘in-house’ can lead to increased sales of maintenance products.

In your opinion, how aware are workshop technicians and motorists of DPF problems?
Kenny Myers (KM): “From the feedback I get from my motor factor customers, I would say that some mechanics are really switched on when it comes to diagnosing a problem with the DPF and resolving it, whereas others will automatically refer any DPF problem to a specialist, believing they have neither the technology nor the knowledge to sort it. Yet the solution is usually something as simple as using one of the products in the JLM range, including the professional toolkit.

“For example, the JLM Regen Plus is a preventative treatment a mechanic can apply in seconds when the vehicle is serviced. As for the motorist, many don’t understand what’s going on underneath the bonnet and so will often ignore the warning signs on the dashboard until the DPF fails.”

Do you think mechanics are aware of all the options available to them for successfully resolving DPF issues?
KM: “Again, motor factor feedback on their trade customers is that whilst many are aware of the options, many are still in the dark.”

If a mechanic is not using a diesel particulate filter cleaner or a professional cleaning kit, how are they addressing DPF problems?
KM: “Some will send the vehicle away, while others may take the DPF out of the vehicle. However, they can clean a blocked DPF in under two hours, just by using a JLM Professional DPF Cleaning Kit.”

What part do you think a motor factor has to play in making its trade customers aware of the available DPF products?
KM: “I don’t think the responsibility lies solely with the motor factor. The manufacturers and distributors of DPF products must help the factor to communicate the benefits of their DPF products through useful step-by-step videos, informative leaflets and thorough product information.

“What I have found selling the JLM DPF product range is that once motor factors have bought into the range, they become advocates and are successful at selling it to trade customers, who love it and come back for more! As an ex-mechanic it was easy for me to ‘buy into’ the JLM range and to show motor factors why they should too.”

To request further details about the range of JLM DPF maintenance products, exclusively available through Kalimex, click here.

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