KPS Automotive offers help during pandemic

KPS Automotive offers help during pandemic

How one automotive parts supplier has taken the pandemic as an opportunity to provide its customers with the equipment to sufficiently protect themselves in the workplace.

In times of uncertainty regarding public health, it is essential to be cautious. This is especially the case in the workplace, where you cannot be certain about who you will come into contact with. With this in mind, KPS PPE Protects, part of automotive parts supplier KPS Automotive, has recently added Versarien’s plc’s graphene-enhanced face masks to its offering. These protective face masks feature a coated layer that utilises Polygrene, an advanced graphene-based material featuring Nanene – the world’s only independently verified graphene product certified by The Graphene Council. To get these masks out into the industry, KPS PPE Protects has joined PPE Defends, the launch partner for Versarien plc’s line of face masks, as a distribution partner for these vital PPE technologies.

Versarien’s CEO, Neill Ricketts, commented on the technology used in the masks: “Our new graphene enhanced mask is just one example of Polygrene’s versatility and the high-quality design specifications that can be met using the material.”

Initial availability will be of an FFP2/KN95 rated mask, which is designed to help provide enhanced protection against airborne bacteria and to minimise the spread of viral infections. The mask meets the strict BS EN 149:2001+A1:2009 standard for respiratory protective devices, with its antibacterial performance certified according to GB/T 20944.2.2007, and its anti-viral performance certified according to ISO 18184:2014 (E). The mask meets the guidelines as issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

KPS Automotive offers help during pandemic

Enhanced with a graphene coated layer, the mask is said to give exemplary protection to both the wearer and the public alike, whilst meeting high standards of certification, breathability and comfort.

The mask is also re-usable and washable, making it both cost-effective and ecofriendly. KPS PPE Protects will be adding further products to its distribution portfolio over the coming weeks.

Steve Blake, Sales Director at KPS PPE Protects, added, “We have been working hard now for some time to identify the very best products available, and Versarien’s face mask is very much the best of breed. Using graphene is a game-changer, and we are very happy to offer this British technology and its protective properties where everyone can benefit from them”.

Robert Cottingham, Global Sales Director/CTO of PPE Defends, concluded, “These are unprecedented times, and we have worked incredibly hard to produce this outstanding and certified mask, and I am delighted to be announcing KPS Automotive Parts as a new distribution partner. We look forward to working closely with KPS PPE Protects to ensure their customers have access to British technology at its best, giving everyone piece of mind and freedom to travel and work safely.

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