Kalimex projects high sales for JLM Lubricants

Kalimex projects high sales for JLM Lubricants

Kalimex’s Dee Blick highlights why JLM Lubricants’ products should be flying off motor factors’ shelves in 2021.

At the JLM online conference in December 2020, the rallying cry to distributors was that 2021 was set to be the year in which professional motor factors were going to see a big demand from their trade customers for JLM Lubricants’ products. If you have yet to experience the profit power of the JLM product range, I hope that by the end of this article, you’ll be contacting Kalimex to become a JLM ‘super seller’ stockist in 2021. The products in the range enable factors to target trade customers with a product range that is developed for the trade and tested by the trade.

So, why are technicians ‘repeat purchasing’ JLM products?

In the last 10 months, we’ve seen a steep rise in technicians ordering JLM products from their stockists and placing repeat orders. The pandemic has seen driving patterns change, with motorists keeping their car on the road for longer. ‘Repair, don’t replace’ is the new normal, and because of stop-start, short journey driving, cars are turning up at workshops in their numbers with problems surrounding badly blocked DPFs. With JLM Lubricants’ products, a technician is able to clean the dirtiest of DPFs without removing it, and many now recommend JLM products for customers to use in between servicing to keep the DPF in tip top condition. Barry Lawson, DPF Doctor at Ewan Lawson Motors, commented, “We have the entire range of JLM Lubricants’ DPF products. Which product to use comes down to what we find during the assessment. If a DPF is slightly outside of its specification, a can of the JLM Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner added to the fuel tank, along with an extended road test, is an excellent way of bringing it back in line to the specification. We get vehicles in non- start conditions because the DPF is badly blocked. Here, we use the JLM Clean and Flush Pack. This is injected directly into the DPF using the JLM DPF Toolkit. Our JLM product orders have tripled in the last year alone. Good business for our stockist, good business for us!”

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According to Darren Darling, The DPF Doctor and a brand ambassador for JLM Lubricants’ products, it’s easy to sell JLM products because they have a gold star reputation. Darren said, “JLM Lubricants make superb quality DPF products – designed for the trade and tested by the trade. Combined with our diagnostics experience, they enable us to offer a premium service to customers at a fair price. Our network of DPF specialists choose JLM products and the JLM professional toolkit for DPF cleaning because they work first time, are superbly engineered, and are proven to fix even the most challenging of vehicles.”

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You can recommend JLM products to your customers with confidence, knowing that respected specialists like Darren recommend them. In 2020, the opportunity existed for you to promote JLM Lubricants’ products, but now, it’s even bigger! Why? Because motorists want to keep their existing cars on the road for longer with repairs that don’t cost a fortune, and they want to use products that they can use in between servicing to keep their car in good condition. On top of this, technicians want products they can trust to work, products that keep the income in their workshop and their customers’ bills down.

Let Kalimex help you to sell these high- margin products. Ask about JLM Drive, our in-house magazine for your trade customers. It contains eye-catching promotional materials and gifts, product sheets, testimonials, and practical marketing support. Let’s accelerate your JLM sales in 2021.

Here is the JLM range. Each product has its own speciality, and to help, I’ve laid them out.

DPF Cleaner

  • A platinum/cerium formulation for use at the first warning of a blocked DPF. Simply added to the fuel, there’s no need to remove the DPF unit.
  • Significantly prolongs the life of the DPF.

DPF Refill Fluid

  • For on-board DPF regeneration dosing systems.
  • Suitable replacement for all OEM fluids of this type.

Professional DPF Cleaning Toolkit and Flush Fluid

  • Superb quality professional kit. 
Enables a technician to clean a severely blocked DPF in a few hours without having to remove it from the vehicle.
  • Technicians can keep DPF business in-house.

Petrol and Diesel Injector Cleaners

  • Used at every service. High quality fuel system cleaners.

Petrol and Diesel Emission Reduction Treatment

  • Ideal for pre- and post-MOT to prevent emissions failures, and to protect the CAT and DPF.

Diesel Intake Extreme Clean Toolkit

  • Intense and gentle detox treatment for contaminated air intake system to restore performance.

Diesel/Petrol EGR Cleaner

  • Effective maintenance spray for the air intake and EGR valve.

Diesel Extreme Clean

  • Powerful all-in-one blend of high-end chemicals to detox the entire fuel system, including turbo, EGR and DPF.

Petrol GDI Injector Cleaner

  • A unique product specifically developed to clean GDI injector tips.

Petrol Extreme Clean

  • Very strong all-in-one blend of high- end chemicals in-tank additive to clean the entire fuel system.

Bortec Oil Additive

  • Friction reducer boasting the latest technology, employing completely soluble Boron. Highly effective chemical for high temperature and high-pressure engines.

Engine Oil Flush

  • Gets the most out of new oil by cleaning out more dirt and contamination when draining the old oil. Used with every oil change.

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For more information of JLM Lubricants’ products, click here.

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