JLM Lubricants outlines JLM Drive publication

JLM Lubricants outlines JLM Drive publication

Included with this month’s issue of Professional Motor Factor is a copy of JLM Drive. This informative publication is produced by JLM Lubricants, manufacturer of professional diesel, petrol and Autogas additives, distributed in the UK by Kalimex.

In addition to providing details on the wide range of products from JLM, the publication includes a series of useful articles on exhaust and emissions issues, which will help factors give good advice to their customers on which products to recommend and when to use them.

On page seven, for example, journalist, Rob Marshall, looks into the problems related to GDI engines and emissions. GDI engines use high-pressure direct injection technology to reduce greenhouse gases and improve efficiency and although this ticked the box for car manufacturers, the downside was that engines became dirtier. Read Rob’s article to learn more about this issue, including some useful tips from Ewan Lawson Motors in Scotland and ESM Autogas Technnik in Germany.

Turning to page 33, readers will find a special DPF Doctor feature. Here Darren Darling, the founder of the DPF Doctor network, discusses how distributors can enhance their diesel and diesel particulate filter (DPF) service with additional training and building JLM products into their service programme.

To quote Darren, he said: “We have seen fantastic results using JLM Lubricants’ DPF Regen Plus and Emission Reduction Treatment…to keep DPFs clean while only doing short journeys.”

Plus, DPF Doctor, Barry Lawson, shares two case studies, which highlight how to diagnose underlying issues which, ultimately, lead to DPF problems. This is a message that JLM is keen to get across to the trade in the UK and Kalimex Managing Director, Mike Schlup, explained further: “When presented with a DPF problem, a common response is to force a regen or thrash the car down a dual carriageway to clear the blockage. Even if this works, it does not solve the root cause of the problem and the blockage soon comes back. Repeated forced regens or use of multiple additives, especially low-quality iron-based products, can quickly lead to terminal damage costing the motorist thousands, all of which could have been prevented with a bit of additional knowledge and diagnosis.”

Darren expands on this major problem on page 48, together with Stephen Kasapsis, a DPF Doctor in Australia.

Further detail on this serious issue is covered on page 50. The DPF Doctor network is seeing hundreds of terminally damaged DPFs every month, almost all of which could have been saved and repaired if the problems had been addressed correctly earlier on.

Darren Darling added: “Most garages appreciate that DPFs require relatively high temperatures to regenerate. What they may not know is that higher temperatures are not always better, and the car has measures to protect itself.”

Darren emphasises the importance of good quality training and readers can find out more on page 36.

JLM Drive is crammed with useful information to help factors and their trade customers improve their DPF and emissions service and offerings, which, in turn, will add value and profit to their business. Kalimex recommends they read the copy accompanying this month’s issue of PMF and share it with colleagues and customers.

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