Hella Partner World

Hella Partner World

It is undeniably the case that the automotive aftermarket is slowly moving online. More and more suppliers are developing online portals to support the needs of the distributor, so that vital information is merely a click away. Hella is one such supplier that has taken the digital step with its Hella Partner World. PMF finds out more.

In this digital age, it is clear that technical expertise and support is vital, not just for technicians, but also for motor factors, which is why Hella has introduced Hella Partner World – an online portal to cater for the specific needs of distributors.

The company created the portal to provide factors with comprehensive parts supply orientated information and online support, including the latest new-to-range extensions – updated monthly – and technical product information.

As well as the raw new-to-range data, which includes cross-references, Partner World allows users to preview individual products as well as a detailed description, which, together with supporting sales material, can be downloaded and shared, where available.

Perhaps the main business benefit is the option to check availability prior to placing an order and to track the status of an existing consignment, which allows them to effectively manage the supply/delivery process and optimise business efficiency.

The portal also includes a monthly newsletter and links to the company’s online catalogues enabling them to browse all that Hella, Behr Hella Service and Hella Gutmann Solutions has to offer. In short, the portal is an asset that can help factors future-proof their business.

The company also provides motor factors with a resource to direct to their workshop customers, in the form of Tech World. This site contains a wealth of service and repair information, in addition to briefing notes, which give detailed advice on product features and specifications, as well as links to supporting apps, such as the Eliver light comparison app and Behr Hella Services Compressor app.

Technicians can also access a range of practical technical training modules for lighting, electronics and thermal management, and take advantage of the Hella Know-How tool, which details how components work.

With this insight, it should be easier to identify the cause of a fault and, through this technical background knowledge, work out how to rectify it. What’s more, technicians have the option to view technical clips and diagnostic tips to assist with the repairing process.

Both websites are free of charge to users, available round the clock and kept up-to-date. By allowing motor factors access to the sales- related information that they rely on, and technicians to develop a greater level of technical competence, Hella can effectively contribute to the overall success of their respective businesses.

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