Going digital

Going digital

Having access to online tools is a must in an increasingly digital world, and with more companies having a larger online presence than ever before, this can only be beneficial for motor factors and their customers.

Chicago Pneumatic has developed a range of digital tools to enhance the experience of its customers. Its ecommerce platform, CP Connect, allows motor factors to see the pricing, availability and delivery lead times of its products, and to place and track orders directly from logistic hubs. Using CP Connect ensures that there is no need for phone calls or waiting for prices, as it is an online platform that helps to provide the customer with peace of mind.

Furthermore, the Chicago Pneumatic website hosts ‘Expert Corner’, whereby users can benefit from monthly articles sharing knowledge on a range of topics, including health and safety, hand arm vibrations, and how to choose the right tools. Via this resource, users can enhance their knowledge on a useful range of topics, such as best practice, recommended usage, safety and legal matters, and helpful maintenance tips.

A good example of the assistance provided by the online tool is a tip on what to look for if the pneumatic tool you’re using is underpowered and not running as expected. The ‘Expert Corner’ describes that simply by checking the airline accessories or connections, the problem may be solved. Each topic is made clear via simple diagrams and checklists. It is further supported by ‘how-to’ video clips and technical guides that can be easily downloaded.

Chicago pneumatic digital

Eva Marie, Global Brand Communications Manager at Chicago Pneumatic, commented on these digital developments: “As a leading manufacturer of power tools, we invest heavily in developing new designs and testing our products to ensure they provide the highest quality and safety levels, but we also believe it is very important to assist our customers to improve productivity and enhance their wellbeing.”

Aside from its digital progress, one of Chicago Pneumatic’s recent innovations is its CP8849, the first true ó” cordless impact wrench in its power class with two shut off positions. It offers a choice of slow mode or fast mode, putting the operator in full control of tightening operations and proactively guiding critical parameters such as torque. This gives the operator a higher level of control, ensuring everything is done correctly.

The company has also recently launched a new tyre shop industry brochure which outlines its solutions for different vehicle types and applications, from two and three wheelers, all the way up to heavy truck and bus. For more information, go to www.rdr.link/FI006

On this progress, the company’s UK Business Line Manager, Tony O’Donnell, said, “Every few years, we enter a new strategic period, reviewing what we have done before and how we can improve in the future. Previously, we have been guilty of trying to be everything to everyone, so our new strategy is about focusing on our strategic markets and core business, offering disruptive innovations.

“A key part of this will be our people development, and a new interesting initiative that is being rolled out in support of this is ‘Active Growth Mind-set’. This helps understand the difference between fixed and growth mind-sets, understanding the brain is a muscle and that through training, intelligence can be developed.”

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