Glen Callum Associates advises on hiring strategies

Glen Callum Associates advises on hiring strategies

With businesses feeling the impact of a tight recruitment market, according to Glen Callum Associates (GCA), it is offering guidance on how to develop hiring and candidate engagement strategies, while also looking at creative solutions to introduce candidates to the aftermarket from allied sectors.

With almost two-thirds of employers expected to experience difficulties when hiring in the next six months, according to a survey of more than 1,000 recruitment and human resources workers by YouGov for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), GCA has put together a number of key points for businesses to absorb, to ensure they not only find the right candidates but hold onto them too.

Glen Shepherd, director at GCA, explained: “The pandemic brought about new ways of working, and with it, a change in expectations from potential candidates. It’s important that businesses implement a clear strategy if they are to be successful in the recruitment market.”

With this in mind, the recruitment specialist is urging the aftermarket to be flexible. Glen continued: “Being able to offer remote working, flexibility, a healthy work life balance, or other unique working environment vibes as part of your culture, is a key benefit, and one that will set you apart from other companies.”

“Be an enabler”

The company is also highlighting the importance of considering each candidate’s unique requirements, explaining that taking the time to do so can go a long way in developing a consistent approach to hiring in, what GCA described, today’s passive and difficult-to-source candidate market.

“Be an enabler and change your strategy to focus on the candidate’s needs, while also qualifying what you need,” Glen said.

Another key point for businesses to highlight to potential candidates is their culture – Glen explained: “Every company has its own unique offering, and it’s important to highlight this if you’re to become the employer of choice. Candidates are becoming very savvy when considering moves right now, so you need to showcase what it is your company has to offer.”

GCA is constantly assessing market trends and data, and is listening closely to business and customer experiences.

Glen said: “Trends are telling us that candidates are uploading their CV and waiting to be found. Currently it’s very passive – engagement is key.

“To be successful in becoming the employer of choice, you need to work with a partner that focuses on engagement. It’s a labour-intensive process, which is not easy but essential. If you have the resource, develop your own engagement plan, but be thorough.”

Competition is rife

GCA is urging businesses to move quickly to avoid disappointment, advising that once the right person has been sought, it’s important that the hiring company acts fast to secure them and not lose out to competitors.

Finally, Glen advised that having a strong onboarding process is crucial so as not to squander their investment once the candidate has been secured: “Take the time to invest in a detailed onboarding process, and plan to ensure that once you’ve secured your candidate, you keep them engaged and motivated.”

Glen Callum Associates’ video on how to attract the best candidates can be found here. For more information about GCA, click here.

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