Getting online

Getting online

In the past, Kilen Springs has spoken about the importance of stock availability for motor factors and how this responsibility also extends to the component supplier. Now, the company is demonstrating that in order to satisfy the needs of one’s customers, you need to practice what you preach.

Every Kilen stockist is offered a bespoke, bi-annual range re-profiling service to ensure their Kilen portfolios are continually updated with the bestselling references, meaning the most popular springs are on the shelf and ready to go.

Going further, in recent months, the company has bolstered its online presence with expanded features for distributors via its website;

In addition to the general information on product quality, the Kilen website is packed with technical data, an online catalogue, a stock availability search tool, PDF downloads, the latest news and range updates. By clicking on these tabs on the website, distributors can access these tools via a secure portal.

Here, with their customer account number already inserted, users can input the part number and quantity they require. On clicking ‘get balance’, customers are then presented with a traffic light system, with ‘green’ meaning the full quantity is available from UK stock today, ‘yellow’ meaning partial availability from UK stock today, and, on the rare occasions ‘red’ might show, it would mean not currently available.

The secure area of the website also allows customers to download any catalogues, technical bulletins, range updates and a warranty return form.

Supporting the website is the Kilen mobile app, where customers can search for the correct part number by simply entering a registration number. Search results include all coil springs, gas springs, leaf springs and sports lowering springs. Customers can also search via part number, entering any Kilen number to find a wealth of useful information, including linked vehicles, product photos and relevant OE information. There is also the option of searching via cross reference, vehicle make and model, and using the built-in barcode scanner on any Kilen box label for full details of the spring within.

Kilen online

Peter Dancer, UK Business Development Manager, explains, “Usage of the Kilen website continues to grow all the time, with new distributors registering their interest to access its many features. With the world’s largest range of coil springs in the market, it is important that customers have instant access to our range of products and supporting information.

“We have also seen in recent months – and through a culmination of brand building over many years – a real loyalty to the Kilen brand that also filters down to the installer. Its brand specification rivals that of OE brands, and so it is essential that we continue to offer the necessary tools and information to ensure Kilen maintains its position at the top.”

Kilen springs for hybrid cars

Despite the advancing technology of hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles, most still rely on traditional coil springs to absorb any shocks and deal with uneven road surfaces.

The Kilen coil spring range now features replacement coil springs for a range of Toyota hybrids – the Auris Hybrid, Prius Plus Hybrid and Yaris Hybrid – with additional hybrid replacements to be introduced in due course.

Hybrid steel quality

Kilen claims that its hybrid springs only use the highest-grade steel from selected mills to achieve the exceptional surface and internal wire quality necessary for modern suspension springs. Each Kilen spring is protected from corrosion by the use of a chemical process called zinc phosphating, and is then painted with an epoxy powder resin which is much more durable than standard paint. All Kilen parallel wire coil springs are supplied with a three-year warranty. Tapered wire coil springs come with a two-year warranty.

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