Filtering Through

Filtering Through

ALCO Filters is a European manufacturer of oil, fuel, air, cabin and hydraulic filters for automotive, agricultural and industrial applications. PMF finds out a little more about the products and the support the company provides for its distributors.

As in any manufacturing industry, ALCO Filters says that a large part of its growing reputation for quality and reliability is down to meeting customer demand. This is said to be guaranteed by a sophisticated computer system that precisely organises all the facets that make up the final product. The company says its customers expect reliability and consistency, not only in the high standard of protection offered by its filters, but in knowing that orders will be met on time.

Air filters

ALCO provides a range of over 1,600 air filters varying in size, shape and type, offering a unique pleating technique to achieve maximum utilisation of the available surface area in the filter. This is said to result in longer life expectancy of the filter and more dust holding capacity.

Fuel filters

Modern fuel injection systems require extremely clean fuel supply. Foreign particles such as dust, rust and water can get into the fuel during production, transport or storage and needs to be filtered out. ALCO says it provides a range of over 500 high quality fuel filters that protect the injection systems against wear and corrosion.

Oil filters

A comprehensive variety of oil filters such as Spin-On, Ecological metal-free elements and Cartridge types using unique production techniques is covered in the range. The latest development, in conjunction with high-spec fully synthetic oils, is the use of ‘long-life’ filter media applicable for a growing number of vehicles with extended service intervals. ALCO filters are therefore said to be guaranteed to meet the demands placed on them over extended periods of time.

Cabin filters

To address the needs of consumers with respect to pollution, the company says it has developed a wide range of over 350 cabin filters applicable for cars, vans and trucks. It uses a multi-layered synthetic media able to repel moisture and trap particles down to 0.3micron. For additional filtering requirements, cabin filters, with activated carbon, keep harmful exhaust fumes, dirt, dust, pollen and unpleasant smells outside the interior cabin.

Sales support

A range of supporting material and merchandise is available to all ALCO customers and is designed to assist in promoting the brand and help to sell the product. This includes: picture illustrated cross reference catalogues, technical bulletins, brochures, counter mats, posters, fleeces, T-shirts, caps, mugs, pens, lighters and wall clocks.

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