Factoring in Lead Times

Factoring in Lead Times

Emission control products, such as exhausts, are typically bulky and awkward to store, and can often have a high value – CATs and DPFs for instance. When it comes to specifying them, one size absolutely does not fit all, so speed of response from a supplier is crucial to making this product group work for factors.

Klarius Products, reportedly Europe’s largest aftermarket emissions system manufacturer, has introduced two major initiatives this year to improve the range and availability of its exhausts, CATs, DPFs and associated mounting kits. The first is an increase to the company’s new-to-range product introduction schedule – in order to include more than 500 new products every year. The second is to transform its own logistics and distribution service; allowing for next-morning deliveries on orders placed before 5:30pm, which should have a big impact on the market.

Regardless of whether you buy direct from the manufacturer, from a factor specific distribution partner or via a popular buying group – the net result is that you should be able to keep a better profiled stock, replenish it far more quickly and source a much wider range of products on very short delivery times.

Super stock

For example, Klarius Products had officially released 350 new products by September this year, which bolstered its 10,000+ product range to support an increasing range of vehicles. Klarius does in fact deliver new parts to market on a daily basis, enabled by its in- house R&D centre.

This batch included replacement products for both new and old hatchbacks, saloons, light commercials, MPVs, SUVs, sports cars, luxury cars and superminis – providing customers with varied choice.

Doug Bentley, Head of R&D at Klarius Products, added: “Currently, we are bringing a series of new high-quality components to market, based on physical demand; this ranges from older Rover vehicles right through to hybrids, such as the Prius. We believe this responsiveness differentiates us from other manufacturers in the market. We aim to deliver range, quality and availability to our customers throughout the UK and EU.”

Early bird

When operating an efficient logistics network, supplying aftermarket exhaust components is especially challenging, as they are generally bulky items that have to be handled with care and occupy a large amount of space. For this reason, orders are now sent by the business’ own logistics operation, which offers next- morning delivery for UK customers using the AutoLogistiks’ dedicated UK fleet of Mercedes Crafter and Sprinter vans.

The result for customers that receive direct deliveries from Klarius is that almost all will receive stock orders the next-morning, allowing distributors to fulfil orders the same day. The outcome for garages is better availability of Klarius emissions system products. This includes exhausts, CATs, DPFs and mounting kits.

Everyday Klarius processes between 600 and 1000 deliveries to locations across the British Isles, with the vast majority arriving at stockists before lunchtime. Tens of thousands of parts are delivered on a daily basis from the UK manufacturing site, with drivers leaving from the Klarius facility in Cheadle, Staffordshire early in the morning – every day of the week.

Servicing factors

The fluctuations in demand for certain parts must be evaluated regularly, to ensure distributors have continued access to both fast moving popular items and more specialised components. By employing dynamic stocking procedures and fast delivery, Klarius has addressed these concerns, with the extended new-to-range policy and the van fleet making the process even easier.

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