Clarity Leads to Confidence

Clarity Leads to Confidence

Verification of Lubricant Specifications (VLS), has announced the outcome of two cases, which both saw complaints against Vetech 5W30 Multi-Fleet oils.

The first case related to the Vetech SSL PRO Universal Performance Multi-Fleet ILSAC Standard Service Oil and alleged inconsistencies in the Technical Data Sheet (TDS). These inconsistencies included that the product claimed to be produced from Group 2 and Group 3 base stocks, that the formulation was suitable for applications requiring VW 504/507, VW 502/505, MB 229.51, WSS- M2C913-A,B,C and Dexos 2, and that there were no additive formulations capable of achieving all of these specifications.

VLS’ Technical Review Panel upheld the complaint and asked GSF Car Parts to make a number of changes to the data sheet, including withdrawing incorrect claims and providing further clarity on claims in other areas. GSF also agreed to sign a Lubricant Marketer’s Letter of Conformance with the European Technical Association ATIEL to continue to make claims against the ACEA sequences.

Case 156 related to the Vetech ESL PRO High Performance Multi-Fleet Extended Service Oil. The complaint in this case was about similar issues of inconsistency in the TDS, and that no formulation was capable of being suitable for all the applications and performances being claimed.

VLS reviewed and again upheld the complaint that the TDS for the product recommended its use against a number of specifications, which included some recommendations that were mutually exclusive. VLS worked with GSF to gain evidence from its additive provider concerning the claims supported by the technology and ensure it was labelled accordingly. Just as with the previous case, GSF also agreed to sign a Lubricant Marketer’s Letter of Conformance with the European Technical Association ATIEL to keep making claims against the ACEA sequences.

David Wright, Company Secretary of  VLS and Director General of UKLA, said, “Both of these cases presented us with similar concerns about products making claims which sounded too good to be true. With space at motor factors, workshops and forecourts at a premium, the temptation is to create lubricant products which can claim to cover huge swathes of the car parc. However, modern, sophisticated engines require specifically tailored lubricants – not a ‘one size fits all’ policy. Any claims made by a lubricant product must be backed up by evidence to ensure that end users can make informed choices and be confident the oil they are buying is fit for purpose.”

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