Benefits of Fleet Vehicle CCTV
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Benefits of Fleet Vehicle CCTV

Exeros Technologies explains how you can save money by installing camera systems in your delivery vans.

Running a modern vehicle fleet can be both expensive and stressful. Exeros claims that the most reliable way to safeguard both drivers and vehicles, whilst dramatically reducing overall fleet costs, is to install high- quality vehicle CCTV camera systems. The company says this will provide all the tools needed to boost the efficiency of their fleet with the added advantages of making each vehicle safer and helping to reduce the number of false claims and accidents.

Once a high-quality CCTV system is installed – both internally and externally, the cameras can be utilised as additional visual/parking aids which eradicate all blind spots, giving the driver greater visibility when manoeuvring or parking and significantly lowering the chances of injuring vulnerable road users. The result is that each vehicle in the fleet is safer, cheaper to run and more efficient to operate.

Reduced premiums

On average, companies that invest in high-quality vehicle CCTV across their fleet have reduced the number of false claims by up to 60%, whilst the cameras actively encourage proactive driver improvement, thereby further reducing the likelihood of accidents in the future. If a company is self-insured they could be potentially saving hundreds of thousands of pounds in claims costs each year. Exeros says its systems can potentially pay for themselves up to six times within the first year and that insurance premiums can be reduced by at least 20%.

The Exeros HD TrackEye solution allows fleet managers to live-stream HD footage from individual vehicle cameras across the entire fleet directly to their desktop PC or mobile device at the touch of a button, alongside accurate GPS tracking via Google maps. The hardware also incorporates a two-way audio communication into the dash- screen offering a direct link to each vehicle in the fleet. The result of this is that a company can instantly track, monitor and communicate with each of their vehicles and drivers in real-time, a huge advantage in any critical situation and important for safeguarding the fleet from any logistical dangers.

All video footage is saved on the MDVR and will include accurate latitude/longitude information with current address, average speed and time/date embedded as a watermark in the file. The in-built accident sensor can even detect harsh breaking or a collision, automatically tagging the file and issuing an email alert to relevant person so they can quickly review and download the footage.

Factor testimonial

GSF Car Parts recently took delivery of 12 new vans, the start of a planned investment of £3.5 million which will see the company upgrade its 350-strong fleet. Every van has been fitted with RoadHawk DC-2 dash cams and reversing sensors to help reduce insurance claims, cut repair costs and promote safe driving.

“In-vehicle cameras bring a range of benefits,” said Dave Lewis, Operations Director at GSF Car Parts.

“We can monitor the vans to discover potential for route or workload optimisations that may boost efficiency. Also, in the unfortunate event of any road traffic accidents the cameras can provide valuable information.

“If GSF can avoid falling victim to spurious claims, and therefore keep our insurance premiums as low as possible, the cost savings ultimately benefit our garage customers.”

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